New Cinema Lenses To Be 20-50mm and 45-135mm | Canon Rumors

Why does anyone in the world want RF cinema glass over an EF version? You’re stuck with a lens with a short flange distance and basically zero adapting capabilities. If I invest in a cinema lens I’m going to want to the option to put it in front of an Alexa, Venice, RED, or an S1H….not just a C70.

Is it size? Canon has made it obvious that RF lens designs on average don’t save any weight and size over EF versions.

I can see a niche market of solo operators who’d like AF/servo lenses that are parfocal with zero focus breathing (myself included). Targeting the R5/C70 crowd. But still, an EF version just gives the owner so much more flexibility with camera packages and ND adapters.

Canon should simply state that RF is it’s still/photo line of lenses and that EF/PL will remain it’s cinema line. And then release a line of very robust cinema-grade adapters for future RF mount cinema cameras akin to the 0.71x reducer. A passive mount, ND option, etc. all with 4x bolt-in points to quell any fears about adapter play.

RF cinema glass = great idea if Canon doesn’t want to sell many.


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