Valorant and Overwatch Community Divided Over Giving Sinatraa a Second Chance

Valorant player Jay “Sinatraa” Won recently announced his decision to return to competitive play, after serving a six month long suspension from Riot Games.

The Sentinels player was ousted from his team because of the sexual assault allegations that were made against him. After failing to co-operate during the investigation done by Riot, the developers of the popular FPS title slapped him with the six month long ban, which prevented him from competing for the Sentinels.

Sinatraa announced his decision to return in a recent tweet, and it’s very likely that he might return to play for the Sentinels with Zombs being touted as the player he would replace. However, this decision seems to have split the community into two groups.

On one hand, many players are backing Sinatraa to return to competitive play, as he has served his punishment given out to him by Riot Games, after he failed to comply with the investigators.

However, at the same time, prominent members of the Overwatch and Valorant community have posted statements that reveal their disdain for Sinatraa’s return to competitive Valorant.

The tweets have mentioned the fact that the investigation never proved whether Sinatraa was guilty or not. However, many community members seem to be believing the victim, as the Sentinels star refused to co-operate well with the investigators from Riot Games.

In the end, we now have to wait and see if Sinatraa will soon be joining any of the popular Valorant Esports organizations, and it will be interesting to see how the reaction will be from the game’s fanbase.

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