announces new partnerships, apps & major improvements to its cloud-based collaboration platform: Digital Photography Review, a cloud-based video collaboration platform, has announced a collection of new integrations, partnerships, apps and features at NAB 2022 in Las Vegas. As the company says, ‘There’s something here for everyone.’

Starting with Apple TV support and new enterprise features, has announced Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). DRM goes beyond’s existing Watermark ID feature to encrypt all video uploaded to an ‘Enterprise’ account. Decryption only occurs for authorized viewing within the web interface, iPhone or Apple TV app. Basically, DRM blocks unauthorized viewing and sharing of your content on DRM also prevents the sharing of screengrabs or other encrypted content. Smart NLE integrations allow editors to use extensions when working on content with the proper permissions.

2FA provides an additional layer of security for your account and login credentials. Admins for Enterprise can enable 2FA for an entire account. Team members can use authentication apps like Authy, Google, Microsoft and Okta, or opt instead to receive a passcode via SMS. You can download a set up backup codes, just in case you lose access to your verification device.

The app for Apple TV 4K is now available. You can use the app to watch 10-bit 4K HDR content on any connected big-screen television. To use the app, you must open your secure Enterprise inbox, which can be shared, and use your Apple remote to watch clips or automatically cycle through a content folder. You can use the app to review work-in-progress or approve final color grades. writes, ‘Imagine being able to view a color-correction session from your couch or your office.’

A key pillar of is making its product more accessible to all video creators, no matter their software or hardware. To that end, Camera to Cloud is now available to anyone who shoots video. The Teradek Serv 4K can capture 10-bit HDR video and upload it to in the background. Canon has also announced a new firmware update for its EOS C300 Mark III and C500 Mark II cinema cameras to enable Camera to Cloud compatibility. Using a third-party Wi-Fi, 5G or LTE streaming encoder connected to the camera output, the Canon cameras can automatically use the Camera to Cloud workflow and upload and distribute clips to other users. Canon’s new firmware is scheduled to release by the end of May.

Further expanding camera compatibility, has partnered with Atomos to bring Camera to Cloud support to hundreds of cameras using the Atomos Ninja V/V+ Connect and the 7″ Shogun Connect. Any supported camera with HDMI inputs and outputs can shoot to from any location with available cellular service. writes, ‘With this new partnership, the stress of tight deadlines is vastly reduced.’ The set up process is straightforward. You simply link the Atomos device to Atomos Cloud and then link Atomos Cloud to your account. has also worked with FiLMiC to add FiLMiC Pro to the growing list of Camera to Cloud connected apps. writes, ‘The biggest pain point for mobile phone creators who are doing more than sharing a short clip or series of stills has always been the process of getting your footage off of your phone and to your editor. But the new integration with FiLMiC Pro eliminates that step.’ Coupled with’s native integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve, mobile video creators can import their video clips directly into the editor of their choice. has also partnered with FDX and Viviana. These partnerships close additional gaps between production and post-processing and further expand Camera to Cloud connections. Viviana Cloud allows more audio field recorders to connect to, even when they don’t include Wi-Fi compatibility. The FDX FilmDataBox is an automated hardware/software data management solution that makes it possible to simply plug in a media card and do other work while the FilmDataBox backs up, transcodes and uploads media to your project.

Switching gears a bit, also announced an integration with an additional color-grading solution, FilmLight Baselight. The new integration is completely seamless, requiring no extra plugins or extensions. announced a lot at NAB. To read complete, detailed breakdowns of every announcement, visit

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