DZOFILM Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 Cine Zoom for Super35 Sensors Revealed

DZOFILM Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 Cine Zoom for Super35 Sensors Revealed

DZOFILM has just lifted the curtain on its third Pictor zoom lens, completing the holy trinity of zooms for indie filmmakers: the new DZOFILM Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 covers the wide-angle range, while the already available Pictor 20-55mm T2.8 and Pictor 50-125mm T2.8 zoom lenses cover the mid and telephoto ranges, respectively.

It always comes down to one question: prime lenses or zooms? Both concepts have advantages over the other, with fixed focal lengths usually being superior to zooms in terms of optical quality, but as zoom lenses become more advanced, they prove to be very useful without compromising too much.

The just-introduced Pictor 14-30mm T2.8, along with its siblings, seems to tick a lot of boxes in terms of image quality, reasonable pricing, and versatility. With just three lenses, you can potentially cover all the focal lengths you’ll ever need.

Pictor 14-30mm
Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 (in white with PL mount). Image credit: DZOFILM

The new Pictor 14mm T2.8, like the other two lenses in the Pictor series (article here), offers a constant T2.8 aperture, hardly any focus breathing, a parfocal design, and a choice of EF or PL mounts (both mounts are included), with all three covering s35 sensors (31.5 mm image circle).

DZOFILM Pictor 14-30mm T2.8

The new Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 fits seamlessly into the two existing lenses and shares most features with them. The focus rotates 270º, the zoom 100º, and the lens itself is relatively lightweight at only 1.88 kg (4.14 lbs). All three lenses sport a standard M0.8 gear pitch for focus, iris, and zoom, and all three offer a minimum focusing distance of 0.6 m (2 ft).

Pictor 14-30mm
image credit: DZOFILM

The gear positions of all three zooms are also consistent, so you can easily switch between them without having to reconfigure the motors or follow focus units. The aperture consists of 16 rounded blades, which should result in a pleasant bokeh when shooting wide open.

All three lenses offer a front diameter of 95 mm and an 86 mm front filter thread for attaching filters.

Pictor 14-30mm
Specifications of all three Pictor zoom lenses. Image credit: DZOFILM

Pricing and availability

The new Pictor 14mm T2.8 zoom lens is available in either a black or white finish. The white one is $2,889, if you want to opt for the white version, the price increases to $3,089.

DZOFILM zoom lens bundle
All three zooms in one case. Image credit: DZOFILM

Also a new bundle of all three Pictor zooms is available which ships with a custom fitted hard case included for $8,199 (white) or $7,999 (black) – the empty case is available for $550. Shipping starts in early May.


What do you think? Would this set of Pictor zooms be something you would use on your projects? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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