Battlefield 2042 could be heading to Xbox Game Pass

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There was certainly a lot of hype that preceded the release of Battlefield 2042. The Open Beta had an attractive a big audience, so many that server issues ensued during the Open Beta. Then there was a litany of bugs, errors and balancing issues when the game launched. Some of the issues In Battlefield 2042 weren’t even bugs, but some were intentionally missing from the game, like in-game voice chat. Compounding the issues servers became infamous for their unreliability, with people often facing server errors or even the servers just being completely down at times.

All of these various faults have led to one thing… A poor number of sales and ultimately a dwindling player base. We reported recently that Battlefield 2042 could be coming to EA Play and we are still waiting to hear whether it will be added to EA Play.

@IdleSloth84 shared a potential clear indication with a screenshot of the Xbox Game Store. It is important to note that this hasn’t been verified officially so we will need to wait for any official announcement from the Official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account.

Battlefield 2042 could be coming to Game Pass

Battlefield 2042 could be coming to Xbox Game Pass in a matter of days. It is only showing on the Polish Xbox Game Pass site currently so keep an eye on your local as we don’t expect it to be too long until it is released globally.

With over 25 Million Game Pass subscribers this could be a winning strategy for EA to win back some Battlefield fans after what is generally seen as the most poorly received Battlefield instalment.

We are hoping that Battlefield 2042 coming to Game Pass will also mean it will be available on the PC Game pass. If so check out Battlefield 2042 System Requirements to make sure you can make the most of the playing experience.

This was originally reported on XGP.

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