Patent: Electronic control for tilt-shift lenses | Canon Rumors

Again: I say a motorized Tilt is useful for the longer (90mm or beyond) lenses. Imagine a dual eye autofocus, he tilts the plane a little bit to both eyes. That could be very useful as a portrait lens, even if its “only” f/2.8 then…. Or 135 f/4 (both are the latest TS-E lenses).

But I will not switch by TSE17 for this electronical feature. How expensive they might be? 5k? (double) or even more? No way. For architectural photography the current lenses are ok. I don’t like the “make it louder, go to eleven!” thing to replace it by an 14mm… Then the distance between the common 24mm is to high. (or do they want also add a 19mm or so in the middle?)

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