Rogue Legacy 2: Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers guide

Insights are crucial elements of exploring Rogue Legacy 2’s world. They are half-quest, half-hint, a secret that you discover in the world, and must draw your own conclusions as to where it is pointing you towards. Once unlocked, they will appear in the Insights tab of your menu, allowing you to revisit the clues they offer as often as you wish. And once you decipher the clue, you will be able to find your way to an optional challenge, which offers a permanent ability or upgrade once completed. Hidden Secrets, Hidden chambers is one of the most crucial Insights you can acquire early in Rogue Legacy, as it can grant you a significant boost when facing off against the game’s first boss; Estuary Lamech. Read on to discover how to complete this Insight and claims its reward!

Rogue Legacy 2: Hidden Insights

The Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chamber insight can be found while exploring Citadel Agartha. As the biome’s layout is randomly generated with each run, its location will differ each time you head out into the world. But once found, the Insight will contain details of Estuary Lamech discussing a hidden sanctum, its entrance obscured within The ‘Tower of Lights.’ While this sounds like a fairly mysterious location, don’t worry. You have likely already passed this room without knowing it.

The Tower of Lights resizeimage164

Thankfully, the Tower of Lights isn’t some far-off hidden location in Rogue Legacy . In fact, this room will always spawn in Agartha’s Citadel in every run. You will be able to tell that you are in the right place because of a green circle with an exclamation mark on the mini-map. Once inside the Tower of Lights, The lanterns hanging from the ceiling can be jumped on, allowing you to reach the rafters where a treasure chest is waiting. But that isn’t the real prize here.

The Insight initially mention that Lamech concealed the entrance to his chamber between the fifth and sixth lanterns. All you need to do is hop up onto the lanterns and cast magic at the correct spot on the left wall. Much like with cracked walls, the magic will cause the wall to crumble, allowing you to hop inside and proceed to the secret tower beyond!

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Getting to the top of the tower will require you to make ample use of spin kicks. In so doing, you will bounce off the blue lanterns set into the side of the tower, allowing you to reach the top. Speaking to the memory fragment at the top of the tower will grant you access to some of Lamech’s history, and the plan he made to crush the rebellion mounting beyond the castle gates. Not only does this fill in an interesting part of the Rogue Legacy 2’s backstory, but it also grants you a permanent +15% damage increase against Lamech in every run going forward! Lamech is no joke, and this boost can be crucial in allowing players to push their way past the game’s first true roadblock.

That does it for our Rogue Legacy 2 Beginner’s guide. For more Rogue Legacy 2 content, including guides to other bosses, classes, relics and biomes, be sure to check out our Rogue Legacy 2 hub!

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