Last Chance to Get One of These Tamron Lenses Discounted!

These savings end in a few hours! If you’re looking for a fun new lens, consider Tamron, especially if you’re a Sony shooter. They check all the boxes. Tamron is partially owned by Sony, and they tend to share autofocus information. Their lenses are also weather-resistant, lightweight, affordable, and have good image quality. What’s not to love? On top of that, a few of them are on sale right now. Check them out after the jump.

The Phoblographer’s Cheap Photo Deals posts focus on sharing some of the best deals on photography gear we find. We spend a literal business day researching the most attractive camera deals, lens price drops, and all other sales. Some of the gear is brand new. But other times we’ll serve used or refurbished products at good prices. Our Cheap Photo Deals are different from The Phoblographer’s thoroughly researched Feature Roundups. If we’ve tested a unit, we may link to our reviews and coverage in our Cheap Photo Deals. With our Feature Roundups, we’re guaranteed to have used the product — often exhaustively. The site may receive affiliate commissions if you make a purchase. These help keep the staff fairly compensated, the server bill paid, and us continually delivering content.

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