Evil Dead: The Game Tips and Tricks for multiplayer and missions

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Evil Dead is the latest asymmetrical horror game to launch, offering players the chance to jump in as iconic Evil Dead characters and demons. As you head into multiplayer, one player controls the demon, while four other players head in as survivors and aim to use the Necronomicon to banish their evil presence. Here are some Evil Dead tips and tricks for both types of players to maximize the chances of victory.

Evil Dead Demon Tips

Evil Dead Demon Tips and Tricks
Image via Saber Interactive.
  • Posses enemy players’ cars while the enemy is inside them. Possessing enemy cars while players are inside boots them out of the car. You can then use the car to run them over and eliminate them using their own cars against the survivors.
  • Create portal proximity traps around key areas or objectives – Players are looking to assemble the Necronomicon and find items that they want to make their lives easier. If you find them before the survivors do you can spend your energy creating troublesome proximity traps for them to fight. 
  • Chest traps cause a huge fear drain – You want to drain fear the best you can to make possessing enemy players much easier. That way you can cause maximum disruption to the survivor team and make them rest at fires while you ensure you don’t fail.
  • Create possession traps on trees when you go into ghost form. If you know you’re going to fight enemy players in a wooded area, why not create a tree trap. You can enter your demon form and force them to walk into your traps to ensure maximum chaos.
  • Posses players and waste their ammo while you have control of them. If you do get an enemy player’s fear low, possess them and waste their ammo for them. It means your big elite Deadite and your demon form are much more threatening against them.
  • Invest your points in the tactics that work for you each game. Perhaps the enemy players keep falling for your fear traps, you may as well buff them. Perhaps they struggle against your Deadites as they cant dodge? Buff their damage in that case. Be flexible with your playstyle and see what brings you success in every game.

Evil Dead Survivor Tips

Evil Dead Survivors Tips and Tricks
Image via Saber Interactive.
  • Avoid detection – The Demon can see when your fear is high, when you start cars or when you make loud noises like shooting. Avoid detection to make the demon player struggle to find you and your team.
  • Try to stay together – Playing together in a team makes it less likely you get overwhelmed by the demon and its shenanigans. Isolated survivors are more likely to die and lose the game for their team, not to mention if the solo player gets detected and the demon knows it, there’s little hope for that person.
  • Manage your fear – Fear makes it easier for the demon to spot you, not to mention it allows the demon to possess the individuals with high fear. Rest at light sources or create light sources using matches in ideal locations.
  • Get good at dodging – learning to dodge enemies in multiplayer is key to success. It means you can preserve your health for fighting the demon player and ensuring your melee combat is great, rather than using your firearm and alerting the demon player to your presence.
  • Don’t aimlessly run around and anger the native Deadites. If you are just aimlessly running around the woods, chances are you will attract more Deadites than necessary. Instead,  take it slow and assess the area and pick off what you can chew.

Not some of these tips are transferable to the rather hard Evil Dead single-player missions that allow you to unlock more content. These should help you learn basic mechanics for both the multiplayer and the single-player missions, especially the inventory management, ammo conservation, and melee dodges features of the game. See our mission one walkthrough, for example.

This concludes this Evil Dead tips and tricks guide. For more content, why not check out our Evil Dead hub for more content?

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