Here is what Canon is announcing next, including the EOS R7, EOS R10 and RF-S lenses [CR3] | Canon Rumors

In my opinion Canon would need a line-up like this to attract customers:

R10: crop camera
R9: RP replacement – entry level
R8: R replacement – (full-frame) enthusiast allrounder…

R7: crop-pro camera – I hear y’all birders :)
R6: you know the deal

R5/c/s: spealised version and all-around work horse
R3: professional sports/ wedding/ wildlife pros

R1: do it all in perfection camera

This line-up would have several entry-level/ amateur options, semi-pro and pro options. I’m sure Canon will come up with a similar line-up. Entry level might have even more options if there are really three crop-cameras coming.

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