Corsair K70 RGB Pro mechanical gaming keyboard review

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Corsair had its beginnings back in the 90s as a manufacturer of RAM, these RAM modules proved popular with PC enthusiasts who liked them for their overclocking abilities which paved the way for Corsair to become a gaming-focused company. Since then they’ve expanded their product lineup to include headsets, keyboards, and mice, the list truly does go on. The only things they don’t make are GPUs and CPUs, but it won’t be long until they dip their topes in that market either.

Today we’ve got the latest revision of the K70 series, the K70 RGB Pro. Corsair’s K70 keyboards have enjoyed high sales numbers and mostly positive reviews over the years, despite their high price points. Let’s see if the latest and greatest can continue that trend.

k70 rgb pro

Corsair K70 RGB Pro mechanical gaming keyboard

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Cherry MX Red, Blue, Brown, Speed, Silent