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Internxt Drive

Company: Internxt Universal Technologies SL

Background: Internxt Drive is a decentralized Cloud storage service aimed at competitors like Dropbox and Google Drive. The Valencia, Spain-headquartered company claims to put user privacy first. You can find the source code of Internxt Drive on GitHub, making it genuinely transparent to the world.

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Review Summary & Ratings

Internxt Drive is a new decentralized Cloud storage solution that aims to give people the ability to store their data securely. The product underwent years of development before its introduction in 2020. As far as Cloud storage companies go, it’s still in their infancy. The intent is to build a complete suite of products that will rival its larger competitors like Google and Microsoft. Founder and CEO Fran Villalba Segarra guides the company in this direction.


  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Excellent reliability
  • Decentralized storage system
  • Operates in an EU country
  • Includes 2FA authentication
  • Integrated backup system


  • Limited app integration
  • Overminimalistic product

Pros: What I Love About Internxt Drive

1. Simple & Clean User Interface

Internxt Drive Dashboard
Simplicity is the name of the game for Internxt Drive.

Any Cloud storage platform must have a simple, easy-to-use design. It needs to balance attractiveness towards new users and offer the right features for seasoned ones. With Internxt Drive, they succeeded in doing just that. The design is minimalistic but practical.

Most importantly, it’s so intuitive that anyone can use it. And those design advantages found in the web-based interface extend to its app. It’s compact and lightweight, occupying a tiny 90MB footprint in the system’s memory.

If there’s any complaint I have about the app, it’s the slight rigidness in deployment. You can’t resize the app screen. However, that’s ok since it’s mostly functional. Once on your PC, you can simply use the Internxt Drive folder to sync contents with the service automatically.

2. Internxt Drive Offers Great Reliability

Internxt Drive’s claim to fame lies in its decentralized Cloud storage system. This system offers inherent benefits over traditional centralized storage. Today, most prominent brands in the Cloud storage space (like Dropbox or even Google Drive) still rely on the centralized storage system.

The problem with the centralized system is that once a company running that storage architecture dies, your data goes along. You risk losing a tremendous amount of valuable data if one of these companies were even to discontinue its services.

Comparatively, decentralized storage services run on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks that connect multiple nodes. This P2P connectivity makes Internxt Drive secure and redundant. It’s also something most centralized storage cloud services simply can’t offer at the current time.

3. Decentralized Storage is Inherently Safe

Because it relies on the decentralized architecture, Internxt Drive is inherently safe. With no single point of failure, decentralization means minimum requirements for a successful attack, even with no encryption involved. And naturally, Internxt Drive does encrypt.

It uses a Zero-knowledge Encryption (ZKE) system to safeguard your data. When using ZKE, only the data owner can decrypt it. Not even Internxt can read the data you store on your drive. There is no need even for a password for an authentication process.

4. Internxt Runs from an EU Country

If the decentralized ZKE system isn’t enough to convince you of privacy, Internxt runs from an EU country. The company’s headquarters is in Spain, and data storage activities fall under EU jurisdiction. The EU mandates some of the strictest data privacy laws in the world. 

Just because they can’t read your data doesn’t mean they can treat it haphazardly if they’re going to comply with regulations.

5. Two-factor Authentication Feature

Today, many connected services are introducing Two-factor Authentication (2FA). It’s an excellent way of identity verification. 2FA works with Internxt Drive by requiring an additional verification code generated by an external source to log into your account.

Unlike other services that make you store backup codes just in case you lose 2FA capabilities, Internxt does this for you. If you can’t generate a 2FA key, getting in touch with them can help. I see this as a two-edged sword, though, since it somewhat reduces security on your account.

6. Built-in Backup System

Internx Drive Backup
You can select any folder on your PC and regularly sync it to the Internxt Drive.

For those who don’t want to pay recurring fees to Acronis for a backup system, you can simply use the one built into Internxt Drive. It allows you to select any folders on your PC to back up – even those not placed in the Internxt Drive folder.

The system is convenient, and you can adjust the backup schedule to your liking. Simply set it up once and forget about it – Internxt will keep backing up your data following the instructions provided.

Again, simplicity is key since you don’t get many advanced backup options. For example, there are no incremental backups, cycles to select, or anything else. It just keeps a synchronized copy on the Cloud.

7. Internxt Offers Decent Support

Internxt Drive support

It’s inconceivable that users will need support for Cloud storage – but if you do, Internxt provides. It’s not just the first-line stuff like “how to use your drive” but a relatively comprehensive breakdown of their entire system.

For example, you can learn how ZKE works – which is excellent for providing the assurance that some may need. When I thought about this issue, I realized just how many strange questions could crop up in my mind when thinking about various aspects of the service. In addition to the knowledgebase, you can also shoot any queries to their support email address. No live chat here, I’m afraid.

Cons: What I Disliked About Internxt Drive

1. Limited App Integration

Unlike established players such as Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, Internxt is fairly new. While that’s not a significant problem, some inconveniences may crop up due to a lack of app integration support.

For example, many Android file managers can connect to Cloud storage systems – but this is often limited to specific services. Internxt Drive isn’t available in anything I’ve seen at the moment. While this may change in the future, it’s a crippling shortcoming for now.

2. Overminimalism or Unfinished?

While I’m quite a fan of the simplistic design of Internxt Drive, I can’t help but wonder if they’re taking minimalism to the extreme. There’s no real allowance for anything except its use as a Cloud-based storage drive.

The company has another product called “Photos,” which works with its Drive. It’s similar to how Google Photos works in some ways. Another upcoming product called “Send” seems to be a secure file-sharing service.

While it’s all good in theory, everything looks too new and barebones. I feel that any hope of competing with established players in this space is pretty far off at the moment.

Internxt Drive Plans and Pricing

Internxt Drive Plans and Pricing

Like Google Drive, Internxt Drive works on a freemium model. You can start off with a free account that provides 10GB of data. For those who need more, prices scale up incrementally depending on the space required.

Which storage amount you choose depends entirely on your needs. Business users can likely get away with 200GB of space, but if you intend on using Internxt Drive for backups, I recommend you go for the 2TB option.

2TB of space on Internxt costs €8.99/mo or roughly $9.47, which is fair given that Google prices Google Drive just slightly higher for the same capacity.

Verdict: Is Internxt Drive Worth a Try?

If you’re looking for secure Cloud storage that’s fuss-free, then Internxt Drive is a fantastic option. It’s there and easy to use, but that’s about as far as things go. There aren’t any great bells and whistles to draw anyone into this service.

There is one big exception to Internxt, though, and that’s the entire system’s architecture. I know that decentralization won’t likely mean much to most users, but it is an excellent model for Cloud services. The security and privacy benefits are impressive and a marked improvement over the likes of Google Drive.

At least take the free version out for a spin and see how you like it.

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