Rogue Legacy 2 Class Guide: Chef

The Chef is one of the most offbeat and unconventional classes in Rogue Legacy 2, but also potentially one of its best. Though the properties of its attacks can take some time to get used to, the Chef excels in survivability thanks to its unique class skill, to such a degree that it can carry you through most of the game’s biomes with ease. We’ll help you turn up the heat and get the most out of your time with the Chef with our Rogue Legacy class guide.

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Rogue Legacy 2: Chef Weapon

The Chef’s main method of dealing damage comes from its weapon, the Frying Pan. The Pan seems like a straightforward blunt instrument at first, more useful for applying Burn than because of any strengths of its own. But this weapon does come with a property that makes using it well worthwhile. Much like the Valkyrie’s Deflect ability, hitting a projectile with the Frying Pan makes those projectiles no longer a problem. But the Chef goes a step further, fully reflecting the projectiles and turning them into fireballs. This means that – even without significant long-ranged capabilities – the chef is no slouch at all ranges of combat. It is near impossible for a Chef to be picked off from afar with the Frying Pan at their side.

Additionally, when any projectile is reflected, the Chef’s next attack will become a skill crit if performed within three seconds of the reflection. The Frying pan also does not activate a skill crit during dash attacks. This is unusual for classes with primary melee attacks and serves to highlight that the Chef shouldn’t be up in the fray all of the time. Often applying burn and backing off is the right way to go.

Rogue Legacy 2 Chef Talent

The Chef’s talent is Stew, and it is arguably the heart and focal point of the entire class. Using stew restores a good chunk of both your health and mana. The amount of mana regained is always a flat 100, but the higher the Chef’s intelligence score, the more health they will recover from each use of Stew.

Stew starts out with 3 uses per run, but every time you find a health pickup, one of those uses is replenished. This is what makes the class so incredibly survivable; being able to generate your own heals and collecting more heal charges as you progress through Rogue Legacy 2’s biomes. It is also possible to purchase the Alchemy Lab castle upgrade, which allows you to regain Stew charges when picking up mana potions as well as health drops. Through this, the Chef effectively has a total health pool that is many times larger than the one it starts with, and larger than any other class when Stew is properly used and replenished.

Chef Class Passive

The Chef’s Class Passive effect is Artisan, which gives any weapon equipped by the Chef the ability to apply the Burn status effect on hit. Burn is active for 3 seconds, dealing 6 separate instances of damage in that time. The final two instances always become skill crits. Since hitting again with the weapon re-applies the Burn effect, it is often better to let burn run out before applying it again, guaranteeing the skill crits rather than refreshing indefinitely.

Chef Secondary Class

Unlike the Knight, which is converted from battle-hardened warrior to pizza-slinger through its secondary class, the Chef sticks to a culinary theme and becomes a Waiter when the Bag O’ Spoons is unlocked in the Soul Shop. The Waiter is able to hurl a bouncing wooden spoon that deals significant ranged damage, its second hit after bounding dealing even more through applying bonus Int-based damage and skill critting to boot. While the lack of projectile-reflecting is a loss for the waiter, it is less necessary to success when the class has become a ranged powerhouse. And with Stew still on hand, you can deal out huge chunks of damage and heal up any you receive in return.

That does it for our Rogue Legacy 2 Chef class guide. For more Rogue Legacy 2 content, including further in-depth guides to classes, bosses, relics and biomes, be sure to check out our Rogue Legacy 2 hub!

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