Rogue Legacy 2 Class guide: Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is one of Rogue Legacy 2‘s most potent classes, especially in the early game. Valkyries boast powerful melee swings that can keep foes at a distance while wearing them down, as well as greater control over their attacks’ direction and precision that most other classes. On top of all this, their excellent mana and buff to spell crits ensures that the Valkyrie has few if any weaknesses, and can sling spells with the best of them.

The only thing that lets the Valkyrie down somewhat is that their health is on the low side for a class with a melee focus, but its hybrid melee/magic style compensates for this. In addition, this class’s melee attacks are slightly slower than average. But the versatility its control over attack direction provides more than makes up for it.

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Rogue Legacy 2 Valkyrie Weapon

The Valkyrie’s weapon is the fauchard, a polearm that grants the Valkyrie a longer reach than most other Rogue Legacy 2 melee classes. Though the class’s ranged advantage isn’t as significant as a distant damage-dealer like the Mage or Ranger, sometimes that little bit of extra space is all you need to get out of the way of an attack or projectile. And spacing is key when playing as the Valkyrie. While the class’s melee attacks are no doubt potent, they lack the overwhelming damage of something like the Barbarian, as well as the damage negating capacity of the Knight and Duellist’s skill. So, keeping on your toes, maintaining an appropriate distance from enemies and weaving your own attacks in around theirs is key to both survival and keeping up a steady stream of damage.

The Valkyrie doesn’t just excel when keeping enemies at arm’s length either. Another of the fauchard’s properties incentivises getting up close in the blink of an eye. Any of the Valkyrie’s dash attacks automatically become skill crits. This extra damage ensures that when you approach an enemy, you’re the one that begins with an advantage.

Rogue Legacy 2 Valkyrie Talent

The Valkyrie’s class talent is Deflect, an incredibly useful skill that further increases their survivability and capacity for negating damage and getting out of danger through clever timing and positioning. When Deflect is activated, the Valkyrie spins their weapon around in a 360 degree arc, destroying nearby mid-sized projectiles and restoring the Valkyrie’s mana on hit. And that’s not all. What truly makes Deflect an incredible talent is the fact that it fully recharges on successfully destroying a projectile. This means that the Valkyrie – with perfect timing – has no reason to be hit by projectiles at all. Whenever they appear, deflect can swat them away with ease!

Valkyrie Class Passive

The Valkyrie’s class passive – Battleborn – is what cements their status as a hybrid class that can cover multiple playstyles and strengths. With Battleborn, their magic crit chance is increased by 5%, and the overall damage of their magic crits is increased by 10%. This means that their already-potent spellcasting gets a significant boost. The chance for their magic to do extra damage is a huge incentive to be slinging spells left and right. On top of this, Valkyries already have multiple reliable ways to regain mana in the form of their basic attacks and Deflect, and their mana pool is excellent. So overlooking spellcasting would be a mistake that any new Valkyrie player should look to rectify as soon as possible!

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