Genshin Impact Friendship Level – How to Increase and Farm EXP

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Genshin Impact is well-known for its vast roster of beautifully-designed characters, and many players have a particular favourite character, or “main.” Players might be excited to know that they can actually increase their Friendship with their mains and other characters. And, even better, players are rewarded for maxing out their Friendship with their characters. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Friendship in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Yae Friendship Level
Yae Miko at Max Friendship.

How to Raise and Farm Friendship Levels

Companionship EXP is only earned by the characters in the active party, and can be gained through various methods. These include:

  • Daily Commissions
  • Daily Commission Bonus Reward
  • Ley Line Outcrop
  • Forging Mystic Enhancement Ore with Magical Crystal Chunk Magical Crystal Chunks
  • Normal Bosses
  • Weekly Bosses
  • Domains
  • Random Events – up to 10 per day
  • Serenitea Pot

One thing to keep in mind is that the EXP given for some of these methods is based on your Adventure Rank; the higher your Adventure Rank, the higher the EXP you gain. To be even more efficient, EXP can be doubled in Co-op Mode – so be sure to play with your friends from time to time!

Friendship Level Rewards

Friendship Level Rewards
1 Starting Friendship Level.
2 Character Story 1 and their second expression in Photo Mode. Their “More About (Character) – I” voice-over line is also unlocked.
3 Character Story 2 and the “More About (Character) – II” voice-over.
4 Character Story 3, their third expression in Photo Mode, and many voice-over lines. Unlocks a new dialogue option when the character is in the Serenitea Pot. May also unlock the character’s unique story.
5 Character Story 4 and the “More About (Character) – IV” voice-over.
6 Remaining Character Stories and all remaining voice-over lines that are linked to Friendship Level.
7 Unlocks an additional dialogue option when the character is in the Serenitea Pot.
8 Nothing unlocked.
9 Nothing unlocked.
10 Rewarded with a Namecard for the character, which can be showcased on your Profile.
Genshin Impact Yae Namecard
Yae Miko’s Namecard, received at Friendship Level 10. How cute!

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