How to get Gold Ingots in V Rising

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One of the hardest items to come by as you approach the end game of V Rising is gold ingots. Unlike other ore items, gold is one of the things you cannot mine, meaning you’re going to need to find it from various hostile mobs. Here is everything you need to know about gold ingots in V Rising.

How to get Gold Ingots in V Rising

Gold Ingots are only made via smelting golden jewellery. The only place that seems to drop it is the Brighthaven cathedral, particularly the elite enemies like the Paladins and the wizards. These mobs are quite tough, and you should also be careful of the holy aura around the place as it can damage you. Bring Holy Resistance flasks if you can while you attempt to farm golden jewellery in the cathedral, as you will take damage thanks to the holy ground, especially near the boss.

You can also get the recipe to craft a Gold Ingot by fighting Azariel the Sunbringer, who is a gear score 68 V Blood enemy. Once you have the recipe, you can turn the golden jewellery pieces into golden ingots via your base’s furnace.

The other potential method of getting golden jewellery is by killing higher V blood enemies. They sometimes drop items, including golden jewellery. As you work through your late game v enemy list, you can naturally get golden ingots that way.

As it stands, these are the only way to get gold ingots in the game. Good luck travelling too and from the cathedral to your smelting base. We recommend getting a horse and making sure you can travel at night to bring it back safely, especially on PvP servers; otherwise, you might make it easier for other players to steal your haul and craft golden items.

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