Vampire Survivors Patch Notes Hints at the Addition of a Vendor

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Vampire Survivors has proven itself to be one of the biggest indie games of this year. The roguelike title has won the hearts of countless fans and the devs are just getting started. The game is still in early access and new content is being added very aggressively. Developer Poncle revealed everything that’s coming in 0.60 in a new video.

Vampire Survivors is Getting a Merchant

The new video showcased a merchant who will be selling wares to players. If you have been playing Vampire Survivors for a while, it is possible that you have everything you need already. You end up with too much currency that you cannot spend and the developers have recognized the problem. With a new vendor being added to the game, you will now be able to spend your coins and have even crazier runs with all the power-ups you could think about.

New Stage Incoming 

The new update will introduce a brand new stage with new enemies that you will need to learn how to fight. Players will also get access to two new arcana abilities and yet another rank for the Skip button. The developer has stated that the new 0.6 update will have less content than usual in order to prepare for 0.7 which is supposed to have tons of new content that players should be excited for.

More Secrets to Discover

As always, Poncle likes to keep its patch notes as vague as possible and there is plenty to discover for players. Gremlins were also shown off in the new video which is a new enemy type or it may also be part of a crossover event that takes place in the future. The game is also being added to Xbox Game Pass on PC and Microsoft’s consoles which means you really need to try the game if you have a subscription to the service. The game launched with just two stages and developer Poncle is now adding yet another stage which has players excited. We cannot wait to try out all of the new content and discover the game’s secrets. If you want to find out all of the details of the new patch, check out our full patch notes here. If you want to find out more about the last major update, read our coverage here.

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