Destiny 2 Season 17 is Bringing Yet Another Light Subclass Rework

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Destiny 2’s next season is set to drop on May 24th and players are excited to see what the new season brings to the table. The Solstice of Heroes event is set to arrive in the coming weeks and Bungie has made some major changes to how the event will work. There will also be a special event seal that players can earn as well as an event pass. Here is everything you need to know about the update.

New Solstice Event Card

With our Solstice event, we’re introducing a new feature called the Event Card. In much the same way that Seasonal Challenges introduces an easy-to-understand list of goals you can complete in a Season, the Event Card does the same for Destiny 2’s annual events. Every Event Card will be available for free to all players and can be accessed by interacting with Eva Levante in the Tower or via the Quests tab. Event Cards and their associated challenges and rewards can be accessed for the entire event before disappearing once their corresponding event ends.

Xur Can No Longer Be Kept Hostage

Xur’s inventory should no longer be different if players manage to find him at destinations shortly after the weekly reset happens on Tuesday. He will still reappear with new gifts from the Nine when he returns at his regularly scheduled time on Friday. The change fixes an exploit where players would be able to keep Xur hostage even after it was time for him to go, allowing players early access to his wares.

Witch Queen’s First Dungeon Arrives

Bungie is launching a brand-new dungeon on Friday, May 27th at 10 AM Pacific. The recommended power to enter for the normal difficulty is going to be 1550. The master difficulty will be live on day one as well for players who want better rewards. You will need to get your power level up if you do not want to be struggling with the new dungeon. Players who want to experience the new dungeon but do not have the Digital Deluxe Edition of Witch Queen will be able to obtain it at a discounted price once the update goes live. The new update will also bring reworks for one of the light subclasses which are very exciting. If you want to check out the full patch notes, check out the official Bungie page here. If you want our honest take on the Witch Queen expansion, you can read our review here.

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