Genshin Impact Max Level – Adventure Rank Guide

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One of Genshin Impact’s many challenges is to reach Adventure Rank 60, the maximum level of Adventure Rank. Adventure Rank refers to the level of the player, and requires Adventure EXP to level up. And, with every Adventure Rank level you gain, you receive a small selection of rewards or unlock different in-game mechanics, such as the Serenitea Pot. Here’s everything you need to know about the maximum Adventure Rank.

How to get Adventure EXP

Getting Adventure EXP is fairly simple; almost everything you do in Genshin Impact will reward you with Adventure EXP. See below for the full list:

  • Completing Quests
  • Opening chests
  • Offering Oculi to the Statues of the Seven
  • Using original Resin
  • Completing Adventurer Handbook investigations
  • Defeating Unusual Hilichurls

Adventure Rank 60 Rewards

You might have heard about the lacklustre rewards for reaching the maximum Adventure Rank, but if not, allow us to enlighten you. Upon reaching Adventure Rank 60, you will receive:

  • 150 Primogems
  • 3 Acquaint Fate
  • 2 Fragile Resin
  • 30 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 21 Hero’s Wit

Yes, you read that correctly; you don’t even receive enough Primogems for one single pull in the gacha for maxing out your Adventure Rank. Hours and hours upon hours playing the game, only to nearly get the chance of potentially receiving a character. At least the 3 Acquaint Fates are more useful, although this still poses the problem of not being guaranteed to get anything substantial. Genshin Impact just doesn’t seem to know how to reward its players for their continued support, it appears.

Genshin Impact Adventure Rank 60 Rewards

A Bonus Effect

There is one silver lining to reaching Adventure Rank 60: all Adventure EXP you receive gets converted to Mora at a 1:10 ratio. While this isn’t game-breaking, it will help tide over your savings. This is especially handing with the amount of end-game Artifact farming you’ll likely end up doing.

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