Genshin Impact Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Guide

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‘Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual’ is a World Quest in Genshin Impact. It’s quite a long one, and requires you to visit various different shrines and solve the puzzles there. Here’s our guide on how to complete the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual in Genshin Impact.

How to Unlock Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual

To unlock Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, you must be Adventure Rank 30 or above. You must have access to the Inazuma Region, and have completed the Ritou Escape Plan Quest there.

A Strange Story in Konda

To begin the quest, first head to Konda Village where you’ll find Kazari, a masked Shrine Maiden. After speaking with her, use an Electro ability on the nearby Sky Kitsune Statue to get a Ward. Afterwards, speak with the local villagers and look for three clues: a purse by the dried-up well, a cargo bag from the water, and a list of goods. Talk to the village chief, Konda Densuke, and look for his diary. This is located on the roof of the nearest house. Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to find a key to the dried-up well.

Return to the well, unlock it, and break the wall within. Follow the Electro orb, and use an Electrograna to pass through the Thunder Barrier you come across. Enter the room, and you’ll see a large Torii Gate in the centre, surrounded by shrines. Approach the shrines, and use the ward you obtained earlier to change their numbers. You should change the numbers depending on the order they appear in the constellation inside the Torii gate, from bottom to top. Finally, interact with the first shrine again to trigger a boss fight with a Phantom Warrior. Defeat the Phantom Warrior, and you’ll complete the first part of the quest.

Sacrificial Offerings

First, head to the abandoned shrine in the blue area north-east of Konda Village. Interact with Sky Kitsune Fox Statue like you did in the previous quest, then talk with all the Mysterious Shadows until they all appear behind the smaller fox statues. You will then obtain the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Summary.

Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offerings

Head to the Grand Narukami Shrine where you will obtain the Memento Lens, which is a Gadget you will need to equip in order to use. Go back to the abandoned shrine and use the Memento Lens on all the Earth Kitsune statues, which are the little statues. The Earth Kitsune statues will recite some lines, which you’ll need to remember. Interact with the Sky Kitsune Statue and select the lines in the correct order to obtain the ward. You’ll then be prompted to head towards a nearby cave. Enter the cave and head through the Thunder Barrier to find the room with a Torii Gate. Solve the shrine puzzle like you did previously and defeat the Phantom Warrior that appears.

Cleansing Defilement

You’ll be prompted to cleanse the shrines in Chinju Forest, Kamisato Estate, and Araumi. The Chinju Forest shrine can be solved in the Tanuki-Bayashi in the Forest quest. In this quest, you’ll have to find and play with three tanukis, before heading to a Torii Gate that you’ll need to cleanse, just as you have been so far.

For the Kamisato Estate shrine, head to the pink Sakura tree north of the Kamisato Estate. Use the Memento Lens on the small Kitsune Statue here, before heading north towards the wrecked ship. Look for another small Kitsune Statue in the middle of the island, and use the Memento Lens on it. You’ll unlock another room with a Torii Gate that you will need to cleanse by solving a shrine puzzle. An Ochimusha will appear after, which you’ll need to defeat.

For the Araumi Shrine, activate the Electro Monuments in the area by using Electro on the, and interact with the unlocked mechanism. Climb the tower and interact with the three Earth Kitsune with your Memento. Afterwards, head down and scan the nearby Earth Kitsune to unlock a Thunder Sakura Bough. Summon an Electogranum with this, then head through the Thunder Barrier. Use Electro on the Kitsune Statue to get the ward, then head to the shrines. Complete the shrine puzzle and kill the Ochimusha that appears.

Yougou Cleansing

Finally, return to Kazari at Konda Village. After speaking with her, you’ll be prompted to head to  the large hole in Mt. Yougou, which now no longer has a barrier. After descending into the cave’s depths, you’ll find there’s a Miasmic Tumor, which summons the Balethunder effect in the surrounding area. This will hurt you unless you equip an Electrogana, which can be summoned from the nearby Thunder Sakura Boughs.

Genshin Impact Yougou Cleansing

To finish the quest once and for all, you’ll need to defeat the Oshimusha that appear in waves. Once they’re defeated, solve the shrine puzzle just like you have done previously. The Miasmic Tumor will then collapse, and you’ll need to attack it until it’s defeated. Finally, return and speak to Kazari, and the quest will end. Congratulations on completing the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest!

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