Lost Ark Fused Leapstones Guide

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Lost Ark already has an absurd amount of crafting materials and honing resources, meaning when a new one appears it can be a bit confusing what to do with them and how you even ended up with them in the first place. Fused Leapstones are one such honing resource that has been added with Lost Ark’s May update.

What are Fused Leapstones and what are they used for?

Once you get to item level 1415, you become eligible to obtain Fused Leapstones. If you managed to get your hands on some Fused Leapstones, you will want to head over to the gear honing vendor in any major city such as Vern Castle or Nia Village. From here you can select the special honing tab at the bottom of the screen and you should see a list of your items. Select one and an option to hone with Fused Leapstones will appear. The benefit of using Fused Leapstones is that they can actually give you a plus one upgrade on your gear without using any other resources such as gold or Great Honour Leapstones.

Where can you get Fused Leapstones?

At the time of writing, there is only one possible method to obtain Fused Leapstones. That method is to take part in the Valtan Legion Raid where Fused Leapstones can drop as a reward. We assume that when they release, you will also be able to obtain Fused Leapstones from the Vykas, Brelshaza and Kakul-Saydon Legion Raids as well.

That concludes this guide on Lost Ark’s Fused Leapstones. We hope you found it helpful! Why not check out some of our other awesome content and guides over at the Lost Ark Hub? We also have a guide on the other new currency, Stones of Chaos.

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