Call Of Duty Warzone 2 Map Leaked

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Call Of Duty: Warzone 2’s map has been allegedly leaked by a trustworthy source on the Call Of Duty franchise. The sequel was initially revealed earlier this year.

Warzone 2 Map Revealed

cod warzone 2 map leak

Using an artist’s rendition, Tom Henderson has shown the full map of Call Of Duty: Warzone 2. As he states in his article, however:

For simplicity’s sake, I did not include all of the roads on the map, instead, I relied on just the main features. Water is in blue, densely build-up areas in grey, elevated areas in dark brown, the rail track in black, and the land in brown.”

According to Henderson, the reason that the map has so much water is that Warzone 2 will introduce swimming to the franchise, and will be bigger in scale and size than previous maps in Warzone.

Henderson previously reported that the game will have significant changes from the original Call Of Duty: Warzone, and will be closer to Call Of Duty: Blackout in nature than Warzone 1. He also stated that the game will task you with completing objectives and managing your inventory while you try to survive the battle.

To War (Zone)

Call of Duty Warzone season 2

Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 was announced earlier this year to be in development alongside Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II, meaning that we’ll likely see official details on the game at the same time as we see details on MWII. It was revealed just this week that MWII will be releasing in October, so it’s possible Warzone 2 could launch alongside it. Either way, with a heavy presentation season just ahead of us, we’ll likely hear a whole lot of leaks and news on the game amid everything else we’re going to find out.

Nothing official has been revealed about the game yet, with most of the information that we know coming from Henderson himself leaking it.

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