Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.11a Introduces Key Changes for PVP

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Final Fantasy XIV’s new update lays the groundwork for future updates and features that are currently being planned by Square Enix. The new patch introduced custom deliveries, tribal quests, and other content that players will be excited to try out. In addition to the new content, the game also received a number of balance changes for its PVP. Here’s a closer look at the new Final Fantasy XIV 6.11a update.

PVP Balance Changes Target A Number of Classes

The balance changes made to PvP actions are based on the usage and win rate of each job. Further adjustments requiring changes to action functionality will be made in Patch 6.15. Gunbreaker got some massive buffs with Rough Divide now getting increased damage and healing potency of the additional effect No Mercy has been changed from 10% to 20%. The additional effect “reduces damage taken by 25%” has been added to Relentless Rush as well which should make Gunbreaker much harder to kill. The job has been out of the PVP meta for a while and these changes should help boost its pick rate.

Matchmaking System to Receive Important Changes

When registering for a match in Crystalline Conflict, players in the Crystal tier can now be matched with players who are Diamond 3 (with 1 Rising Star) or higher. More changes will be implemented in future updates as confirmed by Square Enix in the patch notes. Players who are in the Crystal tier often face high queue times and the change should help the players compete against Diamond 3 or higher players who are relatively close in terms of skill.

Important Bug Fixes Implemented

There was an issue with the description of the Gunbreaker PvP action Terminal Trigger, the dancer PvP action Honing Dance, and the machinist PvP action Wildfire failed to note their attack radius accurately. This was an incorrect description which has been corrected in the new update. Other minor bugs have also been addressed in the new update and players should no longer face most of the issues that arose during the 6.1 and 6.11 updates.

Players will be excited to try out all of the changes to the PVP sandbox. Future changes will fine-tune the PVP experience even further. If you want to check out the official patch notes, you can head to the official patch notes here. If you want to find out how to play Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn via cross-play, you can check out our guide here.

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