Hands-on with the Canon EOS R7 | Canon Rumors

Hmmm… 30+MP OK, but diffraction limited at smaller apertures that even the 100-500 will be.
No removable eyecup. Bummer, I have to use a diopter correction on my 7DII as my eye needs more than +2.
No PC terminal. Just as I was starting to use the PC terminal for night time flash set-ups. Not all of us can afford Canon’s RF speedlites, though I do have a couple of 580 II’s.
No battery grip. Maybe not as thirsty as the 7DII, which I found needed a second battery just to stay full during a photoshoot.
Looks to be a good camera but I’m not convinced so far that it is really the 7DIII. It has good capabilities, sure, but it seems slightly down from what I was hoping a 7DIII would be in terms of looking like an R5 back. Perhaps Canon think that pros won’t use the R7 only amateurs like myself.
I’ll wait for real reviews.

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