Do you see your career as owning a new IT business?

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, do you see your career as owning a new IT business? If not, maybe you should. Here’s why.  

In today’s world, there are more opportunities than ever before to start your own business. Advances in technology have made it easier than ever to get your business up and running, and the internet has given entrepreneurs access to a global market. 

There are a lot of things to think about when you are trying to decide what work you should do. Development and coding can be tough and have a long learning curve. Product development too involves a long gestation period before you start making profit from it. However, you can resell products that are already made. In this case, you do not need to invest as much. With cloud technology, you have more inventory and can go-to-market quickly. 

Once you have decided to choose your career as a reseller, your next dilemma would be what you can resell. If you are someone who is proficient in AI (Artificial Intelligence) or ML (Machine Learning), then you may do something big on your own. Otherwise, you could try selling hosting or cybersecurity services, etc. Tech giants like Microsoft and AWS are running accelerator programs for start-ups to enable them to scale and grow their business. 

IT reseller businesses offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to choose from a wide range of technology and services. This gives them the freedom to select the products and services that best suit their needs. In addition, it allows them to tailor their offerings to specific markets or niches. As a result, IT reseller businesses can be highly successful in today’s competitive business environment. 

Here is how you can make a successful career in the IT reseller business. 

Choose your niche 

The IT industry is booming, and there are many different products you can choose from. You could offer web hosting services or cloud backup and cybersecurity solutions to your customers. As a first step, narrow down the focus to what you would want to resell. 

Partner with a trusted cloud distributor 

Working closely with your cloud distributor or vendor is the key to success in this business. They know that the prosperity of their company depends on how successful they can make you and can help you with anything, whether marketing operations or any other resources. Based on their immense industry knowledge, the information shared by them will be instrumental for you to maximize opportunities within the industry. 

Get your business online 

The internet is a major player in today’s world. As such, it has become necessary for any company or individual seeking success to have an online presence. You may sell your products directly from your website via blog posts, social media content promotion, or offering services like e-commerce portal websites where customers can browse through what you’ve got. This will enable customers to purchase your product or resell it by making online transactions.  

Grow your IT business by becoming a reseller of ZNet Technologies 

ZNet Technologies serves the needs of the complete IT industry by empowering both the IT and cloud service consumers and the service providers with its complete range of products and services. By partnering with ZNetLive, you can have access to a diverse set of products and services, that can bring you high profits. 

How partnering with ZNet will benefit you

  • Diverse product bundling: ZNet enables its partners to bundle high-margin products from a diverse range of offerings and improve profitability. Partners can easily bundle products from ZNetLive with their existing solutions to up-sell/cross-sell and increase their average order value. 
  • Flexible pricing: Partners can enjoy the privilege of flexible pricing and can therefore offer the best pricing to their customers. 
  • GTM assistance: ZNet helps partners grow their business by offering them Go-To-Market (GTM) assistance, which will help partners target the right audience, build value, and monetize the services in a better way. 
  • 24×7 technical support: Partners can receive 24×7 technical support from ZNet’s large pool of certified personnel, who will quickly help resolve issues faced by them. 
  • Automated billing platform: ZNet’s in-house automation and service delivery platform, RackNap, helps manage billing, and provisioning for customers. 
  • Partner benefit programs: Apart from flexible pricing, GTM assistance, and expert support, ZNet helps partners accelerate their business and customer acquisition with ZNetLive’s Udaan – Partner Benefits Program. 

What products can you sell with ZNetLive?

Through ZNetLive’s partner programs you will be able to find new opportunities, accelerate your business growth, and drive innovation. ZNetLive is an authorized cloud services distributor. It has strong strategic alliances with leading technology vendors worldwide which will help your business venture acquire more customers. ZNetLive’s distribution portfolio includes:

  • Complete cyber protection solutions from Acronis 
  • WebOps management platform from Plesk 
  • Linux OS, OS security, KernelCare solutions from CloudLinux 
  • Data center solutions from NTT global data centers 
  • DR, resiliency management automation platform from Perpetuuiti 
  • Complete cloud computing solutions from Alibaba Cloud 

If you are looking for an opportunity to get into the technology business, a reseller IT business may be the right one for you. ZNetLive has a wide range of technologies and services from which entrepreneurs can choose the products and services that best suit their needs. Through our partner programs, you will have access to new opportunities, accelerated growth potential, and innovative products. ZNet’s strong partnerships with leading technology vendors worldwide can provide you with everything you need to succeed in the IT reselling industry. So, what are you waiting for? Set up your reseller business using ZNetLive today! 

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