Halo Infinite Update May 25 Update Addresses Several Season 2 Lone Wolves Bugs

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Halo Infinite just received a new update based on community feedback and Halo support tickets on the Season 2 Loves Wolves update. The new patch does not have any new content but it introduces a number of important fixes for both PC and Xbox players. 343 Industries has also made changes to improve the overall stability of the game.

Campaign Fixes Implemented for Halo Infinite

Prior to the Season 2 update on May 3rd, Campaign had a bug in which Equipment upgrades deducted fewer Spartan Cores than required. For example, an upgrade that was supposed to cost 3 Spartan Cores would only deduct 1. This bug never deducted more Spartan Cores than needed so players sometimes ended up with “extra” Spartan Cores. 

The Season 2 update was unintentionally removing “extra” Spartan Cores from players upon picking up new ones. This fix will allow players to keep “extra” Spartan Cores rather than correcting them.  

Multiplayer Changes for Overshield and Raksha Armor Core

The Overshield will now be available at the start of matches on the map Bazaar which is a very important change as it will incentivize players to push for the Overshield to get a combat advantage in early fights. Another problem that players faced was that they would get put into matches that are about to end and it would lead to an inevitable loss a lot of the time. Join-in-progress rules have been improved so players are less likely to enter matchmaking sessions that are nearly complete.   

New Gaming Services Update

A recent Gaming Services update improved the stability of the Microsoft Store and Xbox app versions of Halo Infinite on PC. This update was released on May 11th and may have been automatically installed. Follow the steps below to manually install or check your version number. The new patch revealed that the Gaming Service may not have been installed properly for all Halo Infinite players. Scroll down to the bottom of the Gaming Services page to check the installed version number. This number should be 3.65.8001.0 or higher. If not, players can update the app manually.

If you want to check out the full patch notes, you can check out the official Halo Waypoint blog post with the details of the update here. If you want to know more about all of the content in Season 2 Lone Wolves, you can check out our coverage here.

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