RØDE Introduces RØDECaster Pro II for Content Creators

RØDE Introduces RØDECaster Pro II for Content Creators

RØDE has recently introduced the RØDECaster Pro II, a fully-integrated audio console for podcasting, live streaming, music and content production. It features four analog inputs with studio-grade preamps, six physical and three virtual faders, four headphone outputs, eight programmable SMART pads, on-board effects and more. It retails for $699.

Back in 2018, the Australian company introduced the original RØDECaster Pro, an all-in-one audio production studio that has become quite popular among podcasters. The idea behind this product was to condense the benefits of a professional recording studio into a compact, user-friendly audio console.

Over the last four years, the world of content creation has been evolving at a fast pace and new forms of communication are rapidly gaining ground. Hence, RØDE has decided to redesign the RØDECaster Pro from the ground up to be in step with the times. Please welcome the RØDECaster Pro II. Let’s take a closer look.

RØDECaster Pro II: overview

The new RØDECaster Pro II is an all-in-one audio console designed with today’s content creators in mind. Built on the legacy of the original model, this new version aims at combining the pristine sound quality RØDE is well-known for with an intuitive, easy-to-use approach.

Image credit: RØDE

The unit offers four analog inputs to accommodate both microphones and musical instruments. Each input features a high-quality Neutrik combo jack (XLR/TRS) connector and makes use of RØDE’s new Revolution Preamps to ensure a high gain (76dB) with minimal noise levels (-131.5dBV). For audio monitoring, there are four individual headphone outputs as well as balanced line outputs for speakers.

Image credit: RØDE

Six physical and three virtual faders enable control of the nine individually-assignable channels. The console supports both stereo and multitrack formats. Recordings can be saved onto a microSD card or directly to a computer/external storage device via USB-C.

Audio processing, effects, and SMART pads

According to RØDE, this new model gains more processing power thanks to its quad-audio engine technology. Moreover, the company partnered up with APHEX to include a full suite of professional and tweakable audio processors. In addition to these, a series of on-board effects (reverb, echo,  robot, pitch shifting, and more) are also available. Users can also save their mixer settings, processing preferences, and favourite effects as presets.

Image credit: RØDE

Moreover, the RØDECaster Pro II features 8 configurable SMART pads. These can be organized into 8 banks to quickly access up to 64 different actions, including triggering sounds, adding voice effects, sending MIDI commands to other devices, and activating fading automations.

Connectivity and modern UI

The RØDECaster Pro II comes with a modern set of connectivity tools. The unit can be connected to up to two computers or smart devices simultaneously via its dual USB-C interface. The console also supports Ethernet, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. For example, these features enable users to wirelessly upgrade firmware or record high-quality phone calls to include in their show.

Image credit: RØDE

A large 5.5” touchscreen display offers a comprehensive, modern overview of what’s going on and comes with a rotary encoder for easy navigation of all settings. Overall, the RØDECaster Pro II seems pretty straightforward to use and its helpful, color-labeled buttons will definitely put you in a good mood before you hit the REC button!

Image credit: RØDE

Price and availability

The new RØDECaster Pro II is now available for pre-order on B&H and CVP for $699 and should start shipping in June. Moreover, RØDE also released the RØDECover II for $49 to protect the unit from dust, dirt, and spills. Finally, the company has announced that more accessories are on the way, including a ball head for VESA mount, carry bags, and colored cables.

What do you think of the new RØDECaster Pro II? Do you think it can make your life as a content creator easier? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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