Totally Accurate Battle Simulator devs on why they think the game has been a hit

I would say that with TABS, we’ve been fortunate in the fact that what’s fun about the game is primarily looking at the characters interacting with each other and the world. Since a large part of the enjoyment of playing comes from seeing the battles unfold, the game has been very easy to market.

When seeing a gif or a video of the game, you instantly get a taste of what playing the game will be like. And if that is something that appeals to you, it’s likely that you’ll be hooked. There is also definitely the factor that physics and destruction seems inherently satisfying to see.

This is likely why the game has done so incredibly well on platforms like YouTube. The audience gets to take a big part in the experience of playing the game, compared to many other games – where a larger part of the enjoyment comes from the decisions and mechanical actions that the player takes. Like, it’s very hard to see why chess is fun at a glance.

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