Canon is gearing up to finally release a high megapixel camera with 100+ megapixels [CR3] | Canon Rumors

Even at 120mp, 120 would mean a crop mode of 45 megapixels.. That would be one serious camera for wildlife and birding depending on the frame rates available.

I said it in the R7 post, but I think Canon is in a position to give professionals more options for reach/cropping in the form of the R5s for wildlife photographers who need pro features, a fully pro build, and lots of reach.

A 120mp full frame camera that could crop to 45mp at 20 fps could definitely make a lot of people happy. Especially when you consider the need to save on as much space as possible for air travel, you’d have both a super-high-res landscape/full frame camera, and a super-high-res crop camera both in the same body.

It’s one of my favorite features of my R5–I’m not personally ever in the market for a crop camera, but the 17mp 1.6x crop mode is more than adequate for my uses when I can’t get close to a subject and need to turn the crop mode on. 45mp in the crop mode would be a whole different story.

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