MAGIC SSD Cards on Kickstarter – CFast 2.0 Card with Built-in USB-C Port

The MAGIC GO and PRO SSD Cards are two fast storage solutions that integrate a USB-C port for file offloading into a sleek, memory-card-inspired body. The PRO version can actually act as a CFast 2.0 card, offering maximum read and write speeds of 535 and 510MB/s respectively. The project is currently being funded on Kickstarter.

Have you ever pulled out a memory card from your camera to use it as a fast mean for exchanging files with a friend? I bet you did! Well, that’s basically the idea behind the MAGIC SSD Cards project, that has recently reached its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter.

Indeed, the MAGIC GO and PRO SSD Cards with built-in USB-C port are essentially two extremely portable (and affordable!) SSD drives whose design is inspired by that of memory cards. The PRO version can actually be used as a standard CFast 2.0 card for your camera. Let’s take a closer look.

MAGIC SSD Cards: portable SSD and CFast 2.0

The MAGIC SSD Card series consists of two different models, the MAGIC GO and the MAGIC PRO. Both versions feature a built-in USB Type-C port for instantly transferring files. However, while the GO model simply serves a tiny SSD drive for daily use, the manufacturer claims its PRO sibling can act as a CFast 2.0 card for photo and video applications.

The two cards are available in both 1 and 2TB size options and slightly differ in their read and write speeds, with the PRO version being the fastest one. According to the manufacturer, it can offer maximum read and write speeds of 535 and 510MB/s respectively. Furthermore, although the card is VPG-230 certified, the manufacturer declares that its minimum write speed will never fall below 325MB/s.

Image credit: MAGIC SSD Card

Apparently, the MAGIC PRO card is compatible with any camera featuring a CFast 2.0 slot and can support capture of high resolution stills as well as 6K RAW video. Indeed, the BMPCC 6K appears in the list of supported cameras and it looks like the manufacturer is also trying to target RED KOMODO users.

Of course, the biggest selling point of the MAGIC PRO SSD Card is that it doesn’t require a CFast 2.0 reader for offloading footage at the end of the day. In fact, a USB-C cable will do the work. However, you can still use a card reader, if you already own one.

Image credit: MAGIC SSD Card

Size, weight, and design

The two MAGIC SSD Cards share identical physical specs that make them extremely lightweight and portable. Each card only measures 42.8×36.4×3.6mm in size and is featherlight (10g). These numbers easily make the MAGIC GO SSD Card one of the most compact storage solutions on the market.

Image credit: MAGIC SSD Card

According to the manufacturer, the cards feature a solid, durable construction that makes them shock and static-resistant. Furthermore, they can also withstand extreme temperatures ranging from 0 up to 70°C (32°F to 158°F).

Price and availability

What’s even more interesting about these products is their price. CFast 2.0 media tends to be pretty expensive, with average prices of around 1$ per GB. However, if you decide to support the Kickstarter campaign, you can put your hands on these cards for the following Super Early Bird amounts:

  • MAGIC GO SSD Card 1TB – $79
  • MAGIC GO SSD Card 2TB – $169
  • MAGIC PRO SSD Card 1TB – $159
  • MAGIC PRO SSD Card 2TB – $299

According to the project timeline, all perks should start shipping in September 2022. In the box you will find a 10cm USB Type-C cable as well as a free card holder. Mind that the MAGIC PRO SSD Card ships without CFast 2.0 card reader. Finally, the cards are covered by a 3-year warranty by the manufacturer.

We are saying this at the end of every crowdfunding-related article: please be aware of the risks when backing a project on a crowdfunding platform. Please read the platform’s terms of use and keep in mind that there can be significant delays when delivering the product. Some projects even don’t get delivered at all.

What is your go-to brand for media? Are you going to support this Kickstarter campaign? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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