Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenges: How to beat them all

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Sniper Elite has quite a few kill challenges in its campaign. In every mission you go into, there is a single target you can kill. Taking them out is part of how you get unlocks for your account progression. But, there’s another hidden feature called Kill Challenges. These are special objectives that you can do to get even more rewards for scoring the kill. Here is everything you need to know about Sniper Elite 5’s kill challenges.

Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenges

  • Mission 1 – KIll Beckendorf with an explosion.
  • Mission 2 – Kill Kummler by using the chateau’s chandeliers.
  • Mission 3 – Slay Richter using a stealth takedown.
  • Mission 4 –  Assassinate Ehrlich by using a rat bomb.
  • Mission 5 – Beat Lanzo Baumann by burying him in concrete.
  • Mission 6 – Kill Trautmann with poison.
  • Mission 7 – Slay Dr. Christian Junger with a V2 Rocket.
  • Mission 8 – Assassinate Yoshikawa with a Japanese weapon.

As you can see, there are quite a few different kill objectives you can complete. Below you will find tips on how to beat them all.

Mission 1 kill challenges – Explosion

Beckendorf can be seen driving around in his fancy car in the town. You can sneak around if you wish, plant a booby trap on the car and detonate it later. Or, find where the car is parked and place a Weller mine on it and wait for him to drive off.

Or perhaps you see him walking around, especially the case if you have alerted everyone in the area. Instead, you can opt to throw a grenade at his location, which should do the trick.

Mission 2 kill challenges – Chandeliers

Sniper Elite 5 Kill Objective mission 2
Drop the chandelier and take the kill objective for free.

Kummler is in the ballroom, which is the east ground floor wing of the chateau. If you head up to the floor above, you can sneak onto a balcony. Be careful of the guard near the window. You can then perch up and try to bait him and his cronies with a throwable bottle under the chandelier.

If you are having trouble getting Kummler to stand below it, you can kill everyone in the room except Kummler, and then knock him unconscious. You then forcibly place him under the chandelier, break the crank, and finish him that way.

Mission 3 kill challenges – Stealth takedown

Slay Richter using a stealth takedown is a little tough. The kill target is near the meeting room, which is the final mission objective. Open the meeting room door, and you should find that the kill objective and his entourage walk off. You should pay close attention to where he is going and try to take the guard out and then stealth takedown when you have the chance  We recommend creating a save checkpoint once you’re at the meeting room in case you mess it up.

Mission 4 kill challenges – Rat Bomb

Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb
Plan rat bombs in the house and blow him up. Just don’t make him alert for any reason or it doesn’t work.

At the start of the mission, you can pick up a Rat Bomb. Proceed through the mission as normal until you get to the kill objective. Note, you need to be quiet here, as alerting them will prevent you from successfully getting the rat bomb kill.

Once you’re inside the room, you can place the rat bomb down inside the room, marked by a white rat outline. There are two white rat outlines, meaning you can get a second rat bomb. If you’re interested, you can get the rat bomb from the armory, which is just down the road. Ideally, you should get the key from the officer outside the final main mission objective and break into the armoury silently.

Although, once you quietly enter the building the kill objective is in, it triggers the speech. Once the conversation concludes, the kill objective will begin to walk around the room and talk. He will then spot a rat, try to grab it, and then boom. Congrats on your Sniper Elite 5 rat bomb challenge.

Mission 5 kill challenge – Concrete

The fifth kill challenge in Sniper Elite 5 is not as hard as it sounds. Head to the kill objective construction site, and knock the kill target unconscious with a non-lethal melee attack. You can then take him to a wooden scaffolding with a cement mixer on it. You will see in the pit there is an active cement layer in the pit. 

Simply throw the body into the pit. You can break the wooden fence on the balcony by interacting with it and shooting it to make it easier. A few seconds later, you will get the kill challenge completed.

Mission 6 kill challenge – Poison

Sniper Elite 5 kill challenge mission 6
Get the poison and pour it into the cup,

There are plenty of creative ways to take down Trautmann. You could snipe him through the window, plant satchel charges on his door and blow him up, or you could complete the Sniper Elite 5 kill challenge of poison.

All you need to do for the kill challenge is to head inside the building. Head inside the lobby of the building, and the bottle of poison is on a wooden box next to the stairs. You then need to head upstairs and pour the poison into a glass next to the door the kill target is in. He will not leave his room until after you ring the doorbell. Hide as soon as you can and watch him take a sip.

Do not startle him for any reason before he drinks the poison. Startling him can potentially stop him from drinking the poison. Silence is key for this.

Mission 7 kill challenge – V2 Rocket

I know what you’re thinking, big boom right. Well, no. Inside the weapons lab, you will find a test site for a variety of weapons. One of them is a V2 Rocket. We recommend sneaking around the place by going through the vents and heading into the V2 wind turbine room. You should see a few ladders that can climb the scaffolding; move your way up. Eventually, you will climb a scaffolding higher than the V2 Rocket at one of the points. You can then interact with a pad that drops the rocket to the lab floor. Now you wait until the scientist walks by.

If you are having trouble with getting him to stand under the rocket, you can always knock him unconscious and then place him under the V2. Then climb back up and drop the V2 rocker on his body. That should work too.

Mission 8 kill challenge – Japanese weapon

Rubble and Ruin Workbench locations Mission 8
You can get found Japanese weapons from the blown-up building where the workbench is within the kill objective area.

There are a few tricks to do this. The first is to bring a Japanese weapon in your loadout before going into the eighth mission. You can unlock the Type 100 by completing the fifth kill objective.

Alternatively, you can get Japanese weapons from the blown-up house with the workbench in it. You should then pick the weapon up, bring it with you to the kill objective and take him out using it. Keep in mind picking up a Japanese weapon will only have limited ammo, and you will drop it if you interact or change the weapon. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you don’t accidentally kill him with the wrong weapon.

This concludes the Sniper Elite 5 kill challenges guide. Why not take a look at our Sniper Elite hub for more guides?

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