MSI shows off dual X670 chipset design 

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AMD recently held a keynote at Computex outlining some of the features of its AM5 socket and Zen 4 CPUs. Most of the information we saw at Computex around AM5 was very vague because, after all, it was supposed to be more of a showcase than a full-on reveal. No information around the dual X670 chipset design, however.

MSI has recently been very loose with information concerning AMD technologies. MSI already confirmed AMD EXPO technology (Extended Profiles for Overclocking) and released an installation video, detailing how to install one of AMD’s Zen 4 engineering samples into an AM5 motherboard. Unfortunately, most of this information has been redacted upon AMD’s request. 

But MSI is at it again, revealing information it probably shouldn’t. 

Video: MSI inside Computex 2022

During its insider stream, MSI showed the AMD X670 chipset design without the heat spreader installed. This is the first time we got to see the dual chipset design – AMD confirmed this design, but never showed it off themselves. 

The AM5 platform is built upon the LGA (Land Grid Array) socket architecture, more specifically LGA 1718. AMD has moved over from the PGA configuration of AM4 to LGA for AM5 because LGA supports more connectivity, it’s less likely you’ll damage the CPU on installation, and it’s less expensive to manufacture – just to name a few reasons. 

The new AM5 motherboards will host Zen 4 CPUs with up to 170W PPT (socket power). The first generation of Zen 4 CPUs will feature support for DDR5 memory as well as PCIe Gen 5. Both the X670E and X670 will offer up to 24 PCIe Gen 5 lanes for GPU devices and storage. 

Source: MSI

Despite the dual chipset design, neither chipset needs any form of active cooling. AMD confirmed the lack of need for active cooling a month or so ago, so this didn’t come as a surprise to us. The passively cooled chips are a testament to just how efficient AMD’s new technology is. 

AMD is set to reveal more information around AM5 and Zen 4 around the start of summer 2022. There, we will see more information about new chipsets, including the brand new B650 chipset. The B650 will feature one chipset, whilst the dual X670 chipset design w

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