Sniper Elite 5 Stolen Antiques: Mission 2 secondary objective guide

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The Sniper Elite 5 Stolen Antiques’ secondary objective has you running around the Occupied Residence chateau like a lunatic looking for stolen antiques. If you’re a completionist, then you’re going to want to get the three stolen antiques. Luckily for you, we know where they are. Here is how to find all three Sniper Elite 5 Stolen Antiques.

How to find the Stolen Antiques in Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 Stolen Antique 1
Pick up the note and interact with the painting to get the first stolen antique

The three stolen antiques are found within the ground of the chateau itself. Two of them are located in the main chateau itself, while the building next to the garden contains the final one.

The first one is on the first floor (or second floor if you’re using North American terms) of the chateau. Head into one of the wider bedrooms, and you’ll find a note on the side of the bed. This allows you to unlock a safe, built into a wall behind a portrait. Alternatively, you can use a satchel charge to blow to safe open if you would rather do it that way. Crack the safe open and pick up the first one.

The next one is in the attic section of the chateau. Head to the top floor of the building, to the point where you cross the balcony with the giant swastika hanging from the rafters. Go down the corridor, and there is a tiny servant bedroom to the left. A German soldier will be inside. Take care of him and head inside. In the corner is a clocked chest. Crowbar that open and the Stolen Antique is inside.

Open the box in the servant room on the southern side of the chateau attic for the second one.

The final one takes you to the building at the corner of the gardens. You can easily identify it via the Stone Eagle on the roof of the building. The intel you have tells you the german sniper is coordinating the stolen antiques. It turns out he is the one with the final antique. Find a way into the building and loot his body. You can opt for the very exposed garden, or you can climb the vines from the eastern point of the garden and kill him if he is taking a peek out of the window. The latter is the safest way without getting spotted. Either way, get in and loot his body, and then you’ll have all three pieces.

Congratulation, you have completed the Sniper Elite 5 Stolen Antique objective. Why not check out our Sniper Elite 5 hub for more content and walkthroughs?

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