My Time at Sandrock – How To Get Water

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Water is a precious resource in My Time at Sandrock, not just from a world-building standpoint but also for keeping your workshop chugging away and fulfilling those lucrative commissions. Fail to top up your water tank regularly, and your furnaces, grinders, and whatnot will overheat and grind to a halt.

Though My Time at Sandrock does an excellent job of stressing the importance of water in its opening hours, the same can’t be said for telling players where or how to find water. We’re here to help.

Craft Water Using Dew At The Worktable

My Time at Sandrock - How To Get Water

At the worktable, you can use dew to craft water. Initially, it costs 10 dew to craft 1 water, though you can upgrade to Level 2 Water Conservation in the Workshop Knowledge Tree to reduce it to 8 dew. Water is then added to the water tank in your workshop’s yard, immediately right of the house.

My Time at Sandrock - How To Get Water

You can gather dew by harvesting shrubs and bushes in the open desert area around your workshop. Yakthorn and Ball Cactus tend to give you one dew per plant, so focus on these. Note that RNG plays its part; you aren’t guaranteed dew for every plant you ax down.

My Time at Sandrock – Dew Collector

As you progress through My Time at Sandrock, scavenging for dew becomes inefficient, especially as your operation expands and your daily water needs increase. You’ll want to invest in a Dew Collector or several to collect water passively – 2 dew per day per collector.

You’ll need to visit Qi at the Research Center in town to research the Dew Collector. For 8 data discs and after waiting 3 days (you can speed this up by spending additional data discs), Qi will deliver the blueprint to your letterbox.

My Time at Sandrock - How To Get Water

Head to your workshop and select the Dew Collector at the Assembly Station. Building the collector requires:

  • x3 wooden stick
  • x3 basic leather
  • x2 marble brick
  • x2 stone trough

Don’t hesitate to build up a farm of dew collectors as your water needs rise.

Buy Water at Water World

You can also buy water from Burgess at the Water World shop located below the large water tower to the west of the Town Hall. 

Your first few purchases will cost roughly (it fluctuates up or down by a few Gols depending on My Time At Sandrock’s market price) 50 Gols for 5 units of water.

As you progress and purchase more water, the price rises sharply, surging as high as 500 Gols per 5 unit bundle, so the Water World shop is best used in the early game or for emergencies only.

My Time at Sandrock - How To Get Water

There you have it – the two best ways to get water in My Time at Sandrock. It’s worth knowing that completing quests occasionally rewards you with water, too, so you shouldn’t ever be short.

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