The Division 12 Title Update 15.1 Brings Important Fixes for Season 9

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Season 9 continues with a host of new events in Division 2. A lot of players were facing critical bugs with the previous content update and Ubisoft has published some important fixes in the new 15.1 Title Update. The new patch addressed the game-breaking Heartbreaker set bug as well as the Dread Edict Exotic SVD’s issues. Here is a rundown of everything that changed in the new update.

Expertise Fixes Added in New Update

Expertise is a new way for agents to further improve the maximum performance of select weapons, gear sets, skill variants, and more. Each eligible item type has a Proficiency Rank, which can be increased either through Donations or Kill XP. Only when an item type reaches the highest Proficiency Rank possible, will the agent become Proficient with it and be able to increase the Grade of the individual items of that type. Every item type has the same amount of Proficiency Ranks. The new update corrected the Expertise progression so that Proficiency ranks gained with kill XP will no longer count double towards expertise levels. 

Bug Fixes for Manhunts

The new update fixed an issue where only the session owner received the encryption key after completing Manhunt in a group. Players should no longer be missing the decryption key when resuming their personal progression after doing the decryption mission while in a group. Ubisoft also addressed an issue when the players do not receive a notification that the group leader cannot start a Takeover Bounty while the party members are in the mission area and the party leader is at least 100 meters away.

Game-Breaking Heartbreaker Bug Addressed

Headshots made with Heartbreaker set equipped offered bonus armor even if other players had 100% pulse resistance which is a game-breaking bug that has been addressed. There was also another pulse immunity bug that did not correctly protect players from headshots and Ubisoft has addressed the issue. There were also some bugged gear and weapons which received bug fixes. 

In addition to all of the important gameplay fixes, Ubisoft has also addressed some UI issues that were present in the previous Season 9 update. If you want to check out all of the changes in the new update, you can head to the official patch notes here. If you want to find out more about the previous End of the Winter update, you can view our coverage here.

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