Diablo Immortal mobile release surprise drops a day early

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There is a bit of a meme about Blizzard game launch days and its inevitable server issues. But color us shocked when it turns out Blizzard has surprised launched Diablo Immortal a day early for mobile users.

As of 1 pm BST, it seems that some Diablo Immortal players have had a notification informing them Diablo Immortal is now live. It turns out that is true, with mobile users able to head in-game.

Based on Blizzard’s information, it seems the mobile early launch is happening in small rollouts. Some regions are getting the game now, while some individual users will get access as the rollout goes on. We advise keeping an eye on your phone for Play or Apple Store notifications, informing you that you can now play Diablo Immortal.

Note, that you will not get a notification if you did not preload the game on your phone. Instead, you may head to the app store and begin downloading Diablo Immortal for your mobile device. It should allow you to play the game if the game is officially out in your region.

However, it seems like the PC version of the game on battle.net is still locked behind the official release time. We shall expect that at 6 PM BST on June 2nd or equivalent global launch time.

If you are a PC plate, then you can use this recently tweeted infographic, detailing the Diablo Immortal release times for PC and (technically) mobile users.

Once you’re in the game, you will have access to all six Diablo Immortal classes. You can play as the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Wizard, Monk and Crusader. Have fun to all those venturing into Diablo Immortal early, and good luck finding the shard, and saving Sanctuary as you go forth on your new ARPG mobile adventure.

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