Rogue Legacy 2 Class Guide: Assassin

The Assassin is a blindingly fast damage-dealer in Rogue Legacy 2. With their deadly dual-wielding and propensity for critical hits, the Assassin is capable of dealing a killing below before the enemy has time to retaliate. 

Though the Assassin is slightly hampered by possessing lower-than-average health, they thankfully have several tools at your disposal to mitigate this. From being able to cloak yourself in shadow and wait to re-enter the fray when the time is right, to simply taking enemies down so quickly that they don’t even have chance to hurt you. While it can be tempting to throw caution to the wind and mow down enemies in a flurry of sword strikes, a moment’s planning and preparation will serve you well as the Assassin, allowing you to deal ridiculous damage without being on the receiving end of the same. 

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Rogue Legacy 2 Assassin Weapon 

In Rogue Legacy 2, the Assassin wields the deadly Dual Blades weapon. These thin, lethal-edged swords strike quickly, with almost as much speed as the Duellist’s Saber. When attacking, the Dual Blades lash out quickly in a three hit combo, and the third hit in the combo is always an automatic skill crit when it connects. When combined with their class talent, the Assassin is capable of achieving critical hits at a more reliable rate than almost any other class in the game.  

The Dual Blades have a somewhat peculiar property in relation to talent regeneration. The first two hits in a combo do not count towards resetting the countdown for the Assassin’s talent, it is only the third and final hit that does so. That being said, when the third attack does connect, it counts for two hits of cooldown instead of just one. This property serves to encourage finishing a complete combo with the Dual Blades as much as possible, achieving skill crits and enabling your talent to be used as often as possible. 

In regards to spellcasting, the entirety of the Dual Blades’ three hit combo , restore a hefty 20 mana to the Assassin. Given the speed with which the Assassin attacks, you are able to recover the majority of your mana in no time simply through attacking. This property, along with their above average mana pool, means that the Assassin functions as a decent magic user on top of their excellent melee capabilities. Given that the Assassin’s basic weapon attacks and talent don’t offer much in terms of range, it is recommended to use magic to overcome this shortcoming and deal with long-ranged enemies

Rogue Legacy 2 Assassin Talent 

Obscura is the Assassin’s class talent in Rogue Legacy 2. It will be a familiar ability to anyone that has a tendency towards playing as rogues or assassins in many RPGs. When Obscura activates, the Assassin gains the cloaked status for three seconds. While you become cloaked in darkness for the duration of this ability, you do not actually become invisible to enemies. Instead, your movement speed greatly increases, and you are completely immune to all incoming damage. This allows Obscura to serve as an excellent panic button often, providing a chance to escape from being overwhelmed. Additionally, the ability can also be used in a much more proactive, devastatingly damaging way.  

When you are under the effect of the cloaked status and attack an enemy, the cloaked status instantly ends, and that enemy gains the vulnerable status for two seconds. Whilst they are vulnerable, every single attack against that enemy becomes an automatic skill crit. Combining this ability with the Eagle Eye class passive allows you to cut through an enemy’s health bar in a matter of seconds. 

Assassin Class Passive 

The Class Passive for the Assassin is called Eagle Eye. This ability provides an extra 10% chance for super crits. Super Crits occur when a random crit chance overlaps with an automatic skill crit, dealing even more damage than a regular crit. The Assassin’s incredible attacks speed and reliable access to skill crits mean that Eagle Eye will activate frequently and allow you to deal regular bursts of huge damage. 

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