A Tiny Doctor Strange 2 Detail Could Hint Towards the Multiverse-Altering Future of the MCU

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is dominating the box office across the globe. Even though it hasn’t quite managed to surpass Spider-Man: No Way Home, it is still one of the most successful movies to release in 2022. Sam Raimi’s MCU debut is much more of a horror flick compared to your typical MCU movie, and that’s a good thing.

The movie opens the gates of the Multiverse as Doctor Strange and America Chavez traverse different universes to escape the Scarlet Witch. It also features the underground society of superheroes called ‘The Illuminati’, consisting of Reed Richards, Black bolt, Professor X, Captain Marvel, Captain Carter, and Mordo. The excitement of seeing them on the screen was very short lived considering the way Wanda obliterated them (except Mordo, a handcuffed Doctor Strange kicked his butt). However, there was a brief moment of dialogue between Reed Richards and Wanda before everything went downhill where we might’ve gotten a hint towards the future of the MCU.

In that dialogue, Reed Richards reveals that he has kids. This is possible proof that Franklin Richards, one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe exists in that universe. However, moments after he revealed he has a wife and kids, Wanda went ahead and turned him into blue spaghetti.

But, the important point here is that we know there is a possibility that Franklin Richards exists. Franklin Richards is the son and Reed Richards and Sue Storm i.e. Mr Fantastic and The Invisible Woman. Apart from inheriting some kind of special powers thanks to this superhero parents, he is also a Mutant who possessed the X-gene. This made him one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe because he had the ability to alter reality, create more powerful versions of himself, and so much more.

Franklin Richards

The reason we say that the possibility of him existing could be multiverse-altering is because he played an important role during the Incursion crisis in the comics. Incursion is a term that we were introduced to in Multiverse of Madness and it cannot be a coincidence.

The way MCU is going ahead, we know the next big bad guy is Kang the Conqueror. The Fantastic Four have also not been introduced to the MCU (yet) and the movie is going through some personnel changes. But, this does mean that the future MCU movies might be moving towards the cosmos with the Beyonders, Galactus, and other cosmic beings coming into the picture alongside characters like Dr Doom, Molecule Man, and others. There is no indication towards this happening but there are definitely signs that one cannot possibly ignore.

A recent report also suggested that Marvel is to have a meeting to plan the next decade of the MCU. Hopefully, there will be a point where we might see this happen. The future of the MCU holds endless possibilities and this is just one of them.

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