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The long-running dark fantasy action RPG series Diablo has a new installment: Diablo Immortal. Despite being a free-to-play title, Diablo Immortal is the Diablo game that long-time fans have come to love and appreciate as more information has been released. 

Like the older Diablo games, Diablo Immortal features six individual starting classes. This class overview of the Wizard in Diablo Immortal will help you decide if the Diablo Immort Wizard Build is the right choice for you, your playstyle, and your objectives.

Everything you need to know to build an effective Wizard for Diablo Immortal will be covered in detail in this guide. Wizards have a wide range of skills, attributes, and paragon skills that we’ll touch on in detail. Plus, we’ll discuss the class’s strengths and weaknesses, stats, magical attributes, class-specific gear, gems, and Legendary gems.

Wizard DI
The leveling will just wiz by. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo Immortal: Is the Wizard Class a Good Choice?

Remember, when it comes to gameplay, the Wizard focuses on skill chaining and positioning rather than rushing in all-guns-blazing and hacking-and-slashing to your heart’s content.

At long range, the wizard can inflict significant damage on many enemies at once. The best warrior wizards are well-known for their strategic use of crowd control and damaging spells that reward accurate positioning and skill chaining, which involves using skills together or in a particular order to deliver even greater damage to opponents.

Overall, the Wizard class is a perfect fit for more strategic players because of its ability to play around with its skill cooldowns and energy supply to find the right balance in combat. 

Diablo Immortal Ultimate Wizard Build: Core Skills

You can cast various spells and deal a lot of damage from a safe distance as a Wizard in Diablo Immortal. But what skills should you focus on and equip?

All Demon Hunters have access to the following three types of abilities:

  • Unlike other attacks, Primary Attacks do not have a cooldown. Players learn their first primary attack at level 1, and their second primary attack is taught to them at level 34.
  • A total of 12 Skills are taught to players throughout the game’s progression, with the first two being learned right at the beginning. Skill cooldowns vary widely, ranging from a few seconds to 30 seconds.
  • When you use this ability, your primary skill will behave differently than usual. You’ll need to charge it for a long time to use this. Demon Hunters can unleash their Ultimate Power only when their Ultimate bar is fully charged. To replenish the bar, use your primary skills to kill enemies until the bar is completely refilled. You can’t store multiple Ultimate Power charges, though, and once used, you’ll have to be patient and wait until the bar is fully charged again. The second ultimate skill becomes available once the second primary skill has been unlocked.

All of these abilities are unlocked as the game progresses, but each class starts out with just one primary attack and two skills. 

During non-combat situations, you can switch between one primary attack and up to four skills at any given time.

Diablo Immortal Wizard leveling build

Note: The Wizard build’s skills are most useful after level 18 and include the ones listed below:

  • Magic Missile involves striking an enemy to inflict damage with a missile of magic energy, dealing devastating damage. This is your primary attack when your AoE is on cooldown, or single enemies have survived your special attacks. You can even enhance the Magic Missile with frost for 12 seconds, increasing its damage per hit to slow the movement of affected enemies.
  • Scorch inflicts damage and knocks enemies back for 6 seconds with a flaming orb that you can use to finish them off.
  • Using Arcane Wind, you can unleash a wind blast that deals damage and knocks enemies back. Increased range, knock-away distance, and damage can be achieved by charging this ability for longer. It even deals 50% increased damage to burning enemies. Oh, and when using the Windshaper Legendary weapon, Arcane Wind pursues the nearest enemy.
  • Using Lightning Nova, you can unleash a slew of ten lightning bolts in all directions, each of which deals damage to your enemies as it travels away from you and returns to your current location. However, there is a limit of 6 hits per target. This is a spell with a very short cooldown and can be especially powerful if you have The Siphon, which increases your movement speed.
  • Forward teleportation is possible via the Teleport skill. It has a maximum of 3 charges but using teleportation to get out of harm’s way quickly is vital if you’re looking to survive as a Wizard. Using the Riftdancer’s Stride pants and Lyran’s Resonant Wisdom helmet, you can deal damage to all enemies as you teleport, allowing you to deal with large groups of foes and engage in combat.

Lightning Nova should be swapped out for Black Hole once you’ve reached level 38.

  • Creates a Black Hole for 3 seconds that draws all nearby enemies into it and damages them over the course of 3 seconds. 

Meteor is a better choice once you reach level 41 instead of Arcane Wind

  • Meteor – Create an enormous meteor that descends from the sky, dealing damage and stunning all enemies in its path for three seconds. When it strikes, it leaves a charred trail that deals damage to nearby enemies for the next six seconds. It is an AoE attack with a large area of effect that requires precise timing as Meteor only reaches its intended destination shortly after being cast – so make sure to line up your shot!

Gameplay: How to Play as Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal

When a wizard can dictate the terms of the battle and carry out their own strategy, they are incredibly powerful and a force to be reckoned with. In both PvE and PvP, mistakes in gameplay are severely and swiftly punished, especially if the Wizard gets stuck or trapped. 

After taking a lot of damage, the only way to stay alive is to teleport away quickly. 

That said, lightning-fast movement can be used to deal significant damage with this Wizard class. You first use your teleportation to get into the middle of the enemy ranks, and then use your Lightning Nova to gain the speed boost. Keep in mind that the faster you move, the more damage you do. Unleash your abilities once more, and teleport out once more.

Compared to other classes, wizards tend to be more focused on DPS instead of party buffs and skill synergy. However, its own skill chaining is incredibly powerful is carried out correctly. For example, you can use your Meteor ability and as soon as the meteor has hit the ground, you use your Arcane Wind to unleash a Firestorm. Then, while all of your other attacks are resting and recharging, you continue to use your primary attack.

Diablo Immortal Ultimate Wizard Build: Best Equipment

For gear selection, it’s all about finding the best stats for your class and build, figuring out the best attributes, and looking for the best Legendary items. In order to be a successful Wizard, you need to understand how each of these three components interacts.

As everyone knows, your opponents can drop items that are significantly better than what you currently have equipped. Gear upgrades should be used as soon as possible in order to speed up your progression and leveling.  Your inventory will begin to light up as soon as you get better weapons and armour from defeated foes. Don’t forget to pay a visit to any of the numerous blacksmiths to upgrade your equipment and salvage what you no longer need.

There are two armor sets that we recommended wearing where possible due to their unique effects when multiple pieces from it are worn. 

The first is the Windloft Perfection set:

  • With 2 Pieces Equipped: You obtain Thousand Winds, which increases your Movement Speed by 15%. If you take damage, Thousand Winds is deactivated for three seconds.
  • With 4 Pieces Equipped: When Thousand Winds is active, your damage increases by 20%.
  • With 6 Pieces Equipped: Increase your resistance to damage by five times while Thousand Winds is active, thanks to a shield. This shield can only be obtained once every 40 seconds.

The second is the Issatar Imbued magic set, which we advise to get as many pieces as possible:

  • For 2 Pieces Equipped: Whenever you defeat an enemy, you gain a 30% boost to your movement speed.
  • For 4 Pieces Equipped:  As your movement speed improves, your damage increases by 2.5% for every 5% increase, up to a maximum of 25%.
  • For 6 Pieces Equipped: The chance of gaining an orbiting soul orb for 10 seconds that inflicts 263 damage when it goes through a foe is 10% for every enemy you defeat. Once every 40 seconds is the maximum number of times you can gain a soul orb.

You can also mix and match these two sets to create an awesome combination of extra buffs. 

You can try a build with four pieces from the Windloft Perfection set and two pieces from Issatar Imbued set. Or, swap it around, and as long as you avoid taking damage as much as possible, the Windloft Perfection Set with four pieces coupled with the Issatar Imbued Set with two pieces is a viable option.

What Legendary Items are Best for Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal Wizard end gear
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Always watch out for rare and legendary items drops. This build relies heavily on Riftdancer’s Stride pants and Lyran’s Resonant Wisdom helmet, so keep your eyes peeled for these.

Let’s go over the necessary legendary items for this build:

Item Name Slot Description
Windshaper Main Hand Whirlwind of Arcane Wind now follows a target, inflicting damage on all those in its path.
The Siphon Off-Hand Your movement speed increases by 60% when using Lightning Nova.
Starcaller’s Drapery Chest The Meteor’s radius is increased by 20%.
Shoulders of the Cataclysm Shoulder The Meteor’s damage is boosted by 10%.
Lyan’s Resonant Wisdom  Helm At the target location, teleport causes a storm cloud to form, causing 2.5 seconds of damage.
Riftdancer’s Stride Legs Your Teleport will cause damage

Diablo Immortal Ultimate Wizard Build: Stats, Gems, and Attributes

In addition to having the necessary skills, players should also consider their stats, attributes, and gems. You need to invest in the correct stats, attributes, and gems to enhance your character’s abilities.

What Stats to Focus on for Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal?

Keep in mind that the more stat points you have in your gear, the higher your Combat Rating will be. Because Intelligence and Fortitude are the two most critical stats for Wizards, equipping yourself with items that boost these attributes should be your top priority. Every single one of these stats gives you a +1 boost to your Combat Rating. Upgrading your gear will also grant tow primary stats to your pieces, such as Vitality and Intelligence

For Wizards, the following are the most important stats to pay attention to:

Intelligence –

Each INT Point gives:

It’s the most important statistic for a Wizard, so pay attention to it!

Fortitude –

Each FOR Point gives: 

  • +1 Combat Rating
  • +0.1 Armor
  • +0.1 Armor Penetration

Armor penetration increases the likelihood of a Critical Hit.

Vitality –

Each VIT Point gives

Wizards are vulnerable to burst damage, so maintaining high vitality is critical. After the above offensive stats, this is where the points are assigned.

These next two stats aren’t as crucial to making an excellent Wizard build but are still worth investing in from time to time.

Willpower –

Each WIL Point gives:

  • +1 Combat Rating
  • +0.1 Potency
  • +0.1 Resistance

Potency extends the duration of beneficial effects while reducing the duration of negative ones. It’s useful, but it sounds more impressive than it is so far.

Strength –

Each STR Point gives: 

It’s not really worth it for a Wizard to invest here.

What Magic Attributes to Focus on for Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal?

For the best Wizard build, you’ll need the appropriate Attributes and Gems. This means that you must acquire and upgrade your gear to at least yellow or orange quality to maximize your attributes’ potential.

Magic Attributes are any properties on your equipment that give you an advantage over the five stats above in either defense or offense. On the other hand, Wizards are more concerned with specific Magic Attributes than most other players.

Most of these suggestions are predicated on a DPS-oriented build because getting the most out of your strengths is often the best course of action. However, many of these also have diminishing returns, so it’s probably best to approach them holistically and spread them out rather than only going all-in on one.

Wizards should be on the lookout for the following attributes in their collected or upgraded gear:

  1. Increase your DPS by a large margin by increasing your Critical Hit Chance.
  2. Increased DPS is achieved through higher Critical Hit Damage and, as a result, more significant critical hits.
  3. Reduced Cooldowns: This is a big help for wizards, who have some long cooldowns.

You can do a few things with gems that will help you level up and improve your Wizard character’s overall statistics…

What Normal Gems to Choose for Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal?

There are numerous ways to acquire Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal, and they can go a long way toward enhancing your abilities. 

It is possible to equip up to six of these items at a time by socketing them into Primary Gear slots: Main Hand, Off-hand. Chest, Helm, Shoulders, Legs). 

There will be a lot of gems to find as you progress through the game, so don’t forget to wear them as well for that little extra boost. 

When it comes to increasing your damage output, armor penetration, and overall resistance, the following gems top the list:

  • Increase your overall damage with the help of Tourmaline
  • Damage and penetration through armor are boosted by the use of Sapphire.
  • Topaz increases your resistance to armor penetration.

Your yellow and orange gear should be updated frequently at the Blacksmith, so keep an eye out for any new gems that might be useful to you in your questing endeavors.

What Legendary Gems to Choose for Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal Hilts
Hilts are a good way of helping you get the gems you need by helping you buy legendary crests.

​​Different classes benefit more from different combinations of attributes in Legendary Gems. 

5-star gems are the most powerful and rarest, while 1-star, 2-star, and 5-star gems can all be found in the game.

Among the gems you’ll need for this build are those listed below:

  • Damage and movement speed are both boosted by Blood-Soaked Jade. This is a 5 Star Legendary Gem.
  • Using the Lightning Core gem, you have a better chance of unleashing Chain Lightning, which can inflict significant damage in confined spaces. This is a 2 Star Legendary Gem.
  • The Seeping Bile: Deals poison for additional damage and has a crowd control effect. In addition to poisoning those it hits, it can also infect the surrounding area, making it a potentially lethal weapon.  In close quarters, it’s devastating. This is a 5 Star Legendary Gem.
  • Chip of Stone Flesh: crowd control and added Damage Boost. This is a 2 Star Legendary Gem.
  • Blessing of the Worthy: Taking damage has a 20% chance of triggering a damage nova, which deals extremely high area damage. This is a 5 Star Legendary Gem.
  • Frozen Heart: Reduces damage taken and increases crowd control effect. This is a 5 Star Legendary Gem.
  • Howler’s Call: Your primary attacks have a chance to summon a Spirit Wolf, which charges out in front of you and deals massive damage to your enemies. This is a 5 Star Legendary Gem.
  • Shadow clones can be summoned with the Echoing Shade ability for additional damage. This is a 5 Star Legendary Gem.

Diablo Immortal Ultimate Wizard Build: Paragon Points and Skills

When it comes to Paragon Trees, the selection doesn’t vary much from class to class.

As a Wizard, you’ll begin unlocking Paragon skills when you reach level 60. There are five Paragon skill trees in total.

In ascending order, they are: Survivor, Vanquisher, Treasure Hunter, Gladiator, and Soldier.

Each of Diablo Immortal’s five trees of Paragon Points is unlocked at a different Paragon level. It’s only when the tree is actively being used that Persistent Attributes and Specialisation Skills become available. Only one Paragon Tree can be running at a time.

Each Paragon skill tree consists of five subcategories. A Paragon point, which can be used to equip a new skill in any of these five categories, is awarded at each level.

Vanquisher and Survivor are the default starting classes, and you’ll reach levels 50, 100, and 150 before being able to unlock Treasure Hunter, Gladiator, and Soldier. After spending the first five points on your Damage node, which will grant you +75 bonus damage, we recommend spending your next point in the Zeal node, which will increase your attack speed for every subsequent monster you kill.

Diablo Immortal Wizard end game build
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

You can activate a built-in feature called Recommended Builds when you reach level 32 in Diablo Immortal’s main character screen. You can access the Recommended Builds UI by clicking the Helm icon in the lower-left corner of the character screen.

The three Recommended Builds for the Wizard are as follows:

  1. Burning Wind (PvE)
  2. Prismatic Crystal (PvE)
  3. Ruthless Control (PvP)

 Included in each of these is a:

  • As an introduction, here is a video demonstration of the build.
  • Three core skills
  • 4 recommended Legendary items
  • 5 recommended Legendary gems
  • Recommended secondary gear set

Diablo Immortal Ultimate Wizard Build: Strengths and Weaknesses

The following are the build’s strengths and weaknesses:


  • High-damage AoE attacks are a speciality of this character.
  • Excellent skill synergies and combinations.
  • Crowd control abilities are excellent with this character.
  • Has amazing mobility skills like Teleport.


  • Long-skill cooldowns constitute a significant part of gameplay.
  • Requires careful positioning in combat.
  • When playing in a group, there are no ally buffs.

As a result of its reliance on knowing the effects of multi-chained spells, the Wizard – despite its high DPS – remains difficult to master.

If you are interested in going down the Wizard class route should also keep in mind that they will be tinkering around with their skill cooldowns, often kiting enemies until their spells are fully charged and ready to unleash.

This Diablo Immortal Wizard build has come to an end. We are updating our Diablo Immortal hub with new guides and information about the game’s various classes (such as our latest Crusader Build). Why not check it now?

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