Avoid doing Diablo Immortal’s Clearing the Cobwebs bounty thanks to a bug

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Diablo Immortal has a feature that breaks up the monotony of the game, called bounties. These are forms of quests you unlock when you finally head to Westmarch, the game’s main city. You are focused to do one, but after that you can do more bounties, offering some incredible rewards for those who do so. But, it appears that the Clearing the cobwebs bounty is bugged.

Diablo Immortal Clearing the Cobwebs is bugged

Those who have undertaken this Clearing the Cobwebs bounty will have found that heading to the cemetery to kill spiders leaves much to be desired. There are two spider spawns, every five minutes, and you need 25 spider kills. It means you’re likely waiting at that spot for hours before it gets completed, never mind if other players are competing for the mobs on your layer.

So, we advise skipping it until it’s fixed. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a blue post, an official forum post from Blizzard regarding the quest. Until there is, we recommend skipping the quest entirely. Thre is a reroll feature on the bounty board. Keep one spare in case this bounty quest pops up. You can reroll a bounty by clicking the square button to the right of the bounty’s name on the bounty board.

It is a bit of a shame really, as the bounty board offers some great rewards.  Completing four offers a box of gold, useful for your gear improvements from a blacksmithing. You also get some more gold when you complete eight a day. So, if you end up getting this one, you may lose out on those sweet gold bonuses.

Hopefully, the Clearing the Cobwebs Diablo Immortal bounty gets cleared up soon. That way, those pesky bounties hurting lall those lower levels will not hurt their chances of picking up some great experience and gold.

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