Apple Arcade leadership team hit with two key departures

Apple Arcade games creative director Mark Bozon and executive producer Kathy Astromoff have departed Apple.

Bozon, who spent 12 years at Apple and joined the Apple Arcade team in 2018, has left the iPhone maker to build “next generation experiences” for Disney within the company’s Next Generation Storytelling Experiences Division.

Confirming the news on Twitter, Bozon shared a report from Variety that explains he’ll be creating a multidisciplinary team at Disney to deliver interconnected experiences across gaming, television, film, parks, toys, and more.

Astromoff, meanwhile, has departed Apple Arcade to become a full-time climate emergency activist. Outlining her decision on social media, Astromoff explained she chose to leave Apple after four years to fight the climate emergency by keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

“So – yesterday was my last day at Apple. Apple is a remarkable place. People are authentically committed to serving customers based on Apple values. (I see you, privacy team!). I’m sad to leave,” she wrote.

“I’ve been in or near the video game industry for a long time. I love game developers whose mission in life is bringing joy to others through play. The Apple Arcade team shares this mission. I am sad to leave them too. Carry on, friends!”

The news comes just over a year after Apple Arcade’s former head of content Nicola Sebastiani left the company to join PlayStation Studios.

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