My Time at Sandrock – How To Get Quartz

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Though not the most in-demand raw material in My Time at Sandrock, Quartz is a vital component in crafting several key items and machines, such as tempered glass and the furnace. 

As with many aspects of its quarrying and gathering, My Time at Sandrock isn’t the best at pointing you in the direction of a reliable source of Quartz. We’re to help with a guide to everything you need to know about getting Quartz in My Time at Sandrock.

Mining For Quartz In My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock - How To Get Quartz

You can gather Quartz by hacking away with your pick hammer at gravel rocks peppered throughout the Eufaula Desert expanse to the south and east of the workshop.

You’ll recognize gravel rocks for their circular shape, orange color, and distinctive brown-ish stripes. They come in various sizes, generally laid out in clumps of one to two rocks. The area lining the rail tracks in the direction of the water tower is a particularly good spot for gravel farming.

Though not guaranteed, each gravel rock can yield 1 Quartz alongside a haul of other resources such as stone, dew, dinas, and sandworms. Gravel rocks tend to respawn each day, so don’t hesitate to sleep and return to a known location close to home if you’re struggling to find new clusters further afield.

We recommend upgrading to the bronze pickhammer as soon as possible to make harvesting gravel rocks faster and more efficient. The stamina costs per rock are considerably lower than using the basic pickhammer.

Where To Buy Quartz

My Time at Sandrock - How To Get Quartz

As with most raw materials in My Time at Sandrock, there’s also the option to spend your Gols on Quartz.

Amirah’s Ceramic Gate shop, located up the stairs to the right of Sandrock’s city hall, stocks up to 10 Quartz for you to buy. Pricing sits on average around 15 Gols. As with most stores in My Time at Sandrock, the price can rise and drop a handful of Gols depending on the day.

Buying isn’t the most efficient or cost-effective solution, but if you’re missing a single Quartz to craft an item, it’s a helpful way to tide you over until your next gravel mining run.

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