Sapphire to release AMD Radeon 6700 graphics card

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Following two leaks from VideoCardz, Sapphire has confirmed it will be releasing a new AMD Radeon GPU, the 6700. Without an RX prefix or XT suffix, it is a standalone GPU that slots in between the RX 6700 XT and RX 6650 XT. However, it has the same specs as the mobile RX 6700M chip. With only a much larger TBP on the desktop variant unlocking more power than the other version.

Sapphire has launched two models with the new SKU, a Pulse model, and an unnamed second variant. With the name variation, we may expect a different experience with the card. It may be marketed differently and also lacks an announced price from Sapphire. This may suggest it is being released as an OEM-only model. As well as VideoCardz points out that the card looks identical to the Sapphire BC-2235 mining card. Suggesting that the decline in crypto and its subsequent mining has left the company with an overstock that they need to sell off as usable graphic cards.