Adobe teases AI tool that “uncrops” your photo, recreating content beyond its borders

Every year at Adobe Max, Adobe’s annual creativity conference, we get a chance to take a peek at the company’s latest and future products. At this year’s conference, Adobe presented Project All of Me, which is able to “uncrop” your photo. In other words, it expands it and uses AI that fills in for any missing details in your shot, including your subject’s body, clothes, footwear; and the background behind them.

The technology is impressive, allowing you to expand your shot with only a few clicks and get results in a matter of seconds. But there’s even more this tool can do, and I find all of it really fun! So, let’s dive in and see what may come to some of Adobe’s apps in the future.

Qing Liu presented the new technology at this year’s Adobe Max. She started by demonstrating how a photo can be “uncropped,” or expanded and filled in with the help of AI. And if you think you’ve seen it before, that’s because you did (hi, DALL-E).

But unlike DALL-E’s Outpainting, Adobe’s tech has a few more tricks up its sleeve. In the video above, you can see an example of a portrait photo and everything you can do with it using this new tool. You can remove objects with a single click (for example, a bag or any other accessory that you don’t like). You can change color of the clothes, using various colors or patterns. You can even make a skirt longer – or finally, change pretty much everything about the shot except the subject. You can choose between different outfits and backgrounds, and when you’re happy with the result – the tool lets you take the final image, make it hi-res, and use it as you please.


Removing an object (a bag)

Making the skirt longer

Changing dress color

Changing entire outfit

Changing outfit and background

The photo has been “uncropped,” the outfit and the background have been changed: now you can make your final photo hi-res and use it in your project

The “uncrop” feature might come in handy for those images where you accidentally cropped out a part of someone’s hand or foot. You know, those shots that would have been perfect if you just moved the camera a tiny bit. It happens. As for other features, I see them merely as gimmicks – but hey, they certainly are fun ones to play with!

More often than not, the upcoming tech presented at Adobe Max is truly exciting. With Project All of Me presented at 2022 Adobe Max, this year is no exception when it comes to mind-blowing AI-powered features. Of course, we have no idea when it will become a part of Creative Cloud because, for now, it’s just a concept. But we will certainly follow the news and keep you posted once (and if) it happens.

[via Gizmodo]

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