Odyssey Interactive nets $19m in funding round

Developer Odyssey Interactive has received $19 million in funding. That money came from a recent Series A funding round, making it the developer’s first injection of cash from a venture capital fund since originally raising $6 million after being formed. 

In this case, the venture fund that led the charge was Makers Fund. Earlier this week, it contributed the most to a $5 million round to Turkish developer Magic Games

Odyssey was founded in 2020 by ex-Riot Games developers Richard Henkel, Dax Andrus, Eric Lawless, and David Capurro. The four’s experience at Riot included League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics

Earlier this year, Odyssey released an open beta on Steam for its debut game, Omega Strikers. The free-to-play title will launch in early 2023, and is intended to have a simultaneous launch on mobile and console. 

In a press release, Makers partner Ryann Lai commended Odyssey for Omega Strikers’  launch. “The Odyssey Interactive team has an impressively well-rounded, hands-on experience in developing, shipping and running live service games,” said Lai. 

With how important live service games are becoming to developers and publishers of all stripes, Lai commended Odyssey for its “ability to create an endearing IP and to execute with the nimbleness, precision and savviness necessary to succeed in today’s highly competitive content market.”

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