Will there be a Counter-Strike 2 beta?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023 11:31 am

will there be a counter strike 2 beta

When it comes to fan favorite shooters, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sits comfortably around the top of the pile. That’s why reports of a Counter-Strike sequel being released very soon is such exciting news.

As a multiplayer shooter with an enormous and devout fan base, it’s always good to iron out those creases as a precaution for when launch day comes. So, will there be a Counter-Strike 2 beta?


Will Counter-Strike 2 have a beta?

will there be a counter strike 2 beta
The source of the rumours, stemming from Nvidia’s driver update.

Counter Strike 2 has been announced for a supposed launch in beta this March prior to the official release. This report follows a mysterious ‘cs2.exe’ file found within NVIDIA ‘s latest driver update.

Journalist Richard Lewis claimed to have been told of the sequel by anonymous sources with knowledge of development, and that a beta was planned for March.

Lewis’ sources have stated Counter-Strike 2 is “about ready to go.” Subsequently, after testing from professional CS:GO players, the sequel is “almost certainly” ready for launch.

Along with improved matchmaking, the report claimed Counter-Strike 2 will also move the shooter to Valve‘s Source 2 engine for better visuals and general performance.

However, Valve is yet to officially confirm the game is in the works, these are all still rumours. We will be keeping this page and others up to date as the news on Counter Strike 2’s beta and much more progresses.

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