Canon to release EOS R5 firmware instead of EOS R5 Mark II camera

Canon was expected to announce a new Canon EOS R5 Mark II in 2023. It wasn’t that wild an idea considering we just saw the EOS R6 Mark II introduced a few months ago. According to recent reports, though, that plan has been scrapped. Instead, Canon plans to release a major firmware update for the EOS R5 that rumours say adds many of the features found in the EOS R6 Mark II that aren’t in the original EOS R6.

The firmware notes have not yet been released, leaked or apparently even seen, although Canon Rumors has listed some features that they believe are coming to the EOS R5 with the new firmware. They expect the firmware to be announced quite soon, possibly next month during NAB 2023 and will bring some hotly anticipated new features that people were expecting in an R5 Mark II to the EOS R5.

If true, it’s interesting that Canon is able to add these features to the three-year-old Canon EOS R5 while the EOS R6 had to go through a whole Mark II upgrade to receive them. Still, CR believes that this is what’s coming and they would be very welcome additions to the EOS R5.

  • Lens breathing correction
  • Pre-shooting buffer
  • Removal of 30 minutes record limit
  • Vehicle tracking AF mode (bikes, trains & planes)
  • Additional tracking for more animals

They say there are also supposed to be a couple of new features coming to the EOS R5 that don’t exist anywhere else in the EOS R lineup yet. Exactly what these could be is unknown. If these features are coming to the EOS R5 in lieu of an EOS R5 Mark II this year, the only remaining question is… What can a hypothetical EOS R5 Mark II offer users that this firmware does not? As for the EOS R5c… While there’s been no specific mention of it in the rumours, I expect that will also see a new firmware to add any new features that the EOS R5 receives. If it happens, though, both cameras may not receive the updates at the same time.

With an announcement expected in the next month or so, you can be sure we’ll be keeping an eye on the news coming out of NAB 2023 as well as Canon, and we’ll let you know when we hear anything solid.

What do you want? A new firmware or a new camera?


[via Canon Rumors]

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