Fuji GFX 100 discontinued in Japan

The Fujifilm GFX 100, released in 2019, has been discontinued, according to Japanese retailers. Retailers, including Kitamura, list the 100-megapixel medium format camera as a “completed product”. That’s essentially the Google translation of their word for “discontinued”. Attempting to add the camera to the online cart also confirms that the product is out of stock or unavailable.

Although listed at retailers in Japan, it’s still showing as available from retailers in other parts of the world, such as B&H in the USA, as a “special order”. Four years is quite a short life for such a flagship camera, but it seems that the release of the GFX 100S in 2021 at not much over half the cost of the GFX 100 might have caused a hit in its sales.

There doesn’t appear to have been an official announcement from Fujifilm yet, and it’s not shown as discontinued, but the Fuji Japan website does appear to have removed the “Buy” link from the GFX 100. It also no longer exists to buy in the Fujifilm online store. So, even though it’s not explicitly mentioned, it seems that as far as Fujifilm’s concerned, yes, it’s discontinued.

For now, as mentioned, it’s still listed at retailers around the world, including B&H, Amazon, WEX and others. If it has, as it appears, been discontinued, then I expect it won’t be long until international outlets are also out of stock and no longer able to get anymore.

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a GFX 100 and you’ve got 10 grand burning a hole in your pocket, now would be the time to buy!


[via Asobinet]

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