Best 32 inch monitor in 2023 (gaming, editing, 4K, G-Sync)

We find the best 32 inch gaming monitor.

Updated: Mar 8, 2023 5:58 pm

Best 32 Inch Monitors

Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen monitors evolve from small CRTs to stunning larger-format LCDs. During that time, the 32 inch monitor became one of the most popular choices when it came to both gaming and everyday usage.

The 32 inch monitor is easily one of the most popular sizes amongst creatives and editors, providing a large canvas for multi-tasking and workflows. That said, 32 inch monitors are still incredibly desirable when it comes to gamers – especially high-resolution 4K144Hz options.

With today’s market offering a sea of 32 inch monitor options, we thought it was about time we create a comprehensive rundown of the best in the market right now. Whether you’re looking for an immersive >gaming monitor, a color-accurate editing panel, or something that falls in-between, our guide will have a 32 inch monitor that suits your exact needs.

All the monitors we select have gone through a strict selection process that considers price, performance, aesthetics, build quality, and overall value for money.

Here are the best 32 inch monitors for 2023.

Latest 32 inch monitor updates

  • 3rd March 2022: LG launch 32 inch OLED gaming monitor
  • 1st Feb 2022: Added M32U as best 32 inch monitor
  • 20th Jan 2022: Replaced 4K pick with ASUS PG32UQX
  • 4th Jan 2022: Added LG 32GN650-B as budget 32 inch monitor

Best 32 monitors in 2023: in-depth reviews

We’ll be listing the market’s best 32 inch monitors in the following section, reviewing what makes them worth your time and consideration.

Best 32 inch monitor

Gigabyte M32U

Gigabyte M28U