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I am a big user of Topaz Photo AI. I constantly use it to upscale my photos and my AI generated images I post on my Instagram account. And it now got a big update that brings the following improvements:

Basic Brush to edit subject selection

You can now access a new basic brush to manually refine auto-detected subjects:


You can use the Basic Brush alongside the default subject selection and the AI Brush. Basic Brush is enabled when the AI Brush toggle is disabled in the right panel:


You’ll also notice that softness / feathering is applied all at once instead of per stroke. Because the brush is for subject refinement rather than precise selection, it’s intended to be fast, simple, and easy instead of a comprehensive painting tool.

Apple Photos extension

You can now select Topaz Photo AI in the Apple Photos EditExtensions (…) menu:

Edit In

The processed image will replace the original in Apple Photos, but you can undo the edit by clicking the Revert to Original button. You can also first duplicate your photo before running it through Topaz Photo AI if you prefer.

Note: don’t use the right-click → Edit In menu because TPAI will open in standalone mode, which will prevent the finished image from automatically appearing in Apple Photos.

Better cropping

The Crop tool now always stays centered and works more intuitively than before:

CleanShot 2023-03-02 at 18.04.15

We’ve also fixed a ton of edge cases and potential crashes, so the whole cropping experience will now be a lot more reliable.

Enhance Resolution parameters

You can now manually adjust Enhance Resolution parameters for more control over upscaling results:

CleanShot 2023-03-02 at 08.53.18@2x

These settings describe the input image rather than the strength of the effect. In other words, for each image there’s a perfect combination of optimal values that Autopilot tries to detect. If you feel like Autopilot’s not doing a good job, you can now experiment with them yourself:

  • Suppress Noise: the level of color / luma noise in the input image
  • Remove Blur: the degree of softness or motion/lens blur in the input image
  • Fix Compression: the level of compression artifacts like jpeg blockiness and aliasing in the input image

Please let us know if you see Autopilot consistently misapplying settings for certain images.

Smaller faces are now sharper

v1.1.9 introduced a Face Recovery issue that caused unintentionally blurry output with smaller faces. This is now resolved:

Also, Face Recovery strength now defaults to 80 instead of 100, which leads to more natural results without visible compromise in recovery strength. We’ll continue investigating other known Face Recovery issues in the Roadmap.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added support for more DNG types (HDR, Monochrome)
  • Add compression option for PNG exports
  • Support for opening jif, jfi, jfif, and jpe files
  • Lightroom Classic Plug-ins Extras integration now copies Rating and Keyword data, stacks images, and preserves metadata from sidecar files
  • Fix issues with the command-line interface (CLI) for Windows and Mac

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